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Welcome to SupportLocal

Our Little Red Dot may be small, but are we mighty? We firmly believe so!

Our homegrown scene is ripe with ideas, products, and services that are truly one-of-a-kind. Channeling our multicultural experiences and fierce thirst for practicality, many of our local brands and businesses are no slouch compared to the huge global names – if only we gave them more chances to shine!

And that’s what SupportLocal is all about: championing local brands, and discovering local gems.


What’s in store for you?

Keep your eyes peeled for our curated lists that introduce you to the best of Singapore’s local brands and businesses. Discover your new favourite local haunt here, or find a homegrown business to support.

Own a business yourself? Use this platform to connect with fellow brands or get in touch to request to be featured!

Who said Singapore is boring? With our friendly guides and topical directories, you won’t have to rack your brains too hard when searching for any place or service in Singapore again.


Let’s #SupportLocal together!

Why support local? Many businesses need your help! Supporting local brands is healthy for the local economy in various ways. It helps in creating jobs, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, and in some cases, reducing our carbon footprints.

Besides, local businesses have a unique eye for what the local people want and love. Rather than products with mass appeal and growing homogeneity, homegrown brands understand the specific challenges, preferences, and needs of the people here. Truly, they know their audience best, and it reflects in what they do.

So, are you ready to #SupportLocal? Give your support to local brands and businesses you love! It might be a small change to your consumer habits, but it will mean the world to our budding entrepreneurs and local businesspeople who are putting in everything to make their dream work.