6 Best Weight Loss Programs in SG To Slim Down Quickly

December 6, 2021
Best Weight Loss Programs Singapore

Achieving that slim and fit look requires some serious exercise and careful planning of our diet, and the best way to reach our desired look is by working hard on it. We all know that losing weight does not happen overnight. Still, there are effective weight loss programs you can check out to quicken the process while living that healthy lifestyle.

Fitness professionals and experts administer these weight loss programs with enormous knowledge and experience in slimming down. They can help you burn your excess fat healthily and quickly, so you can finally take the photos with that beach body that you have always wanted! Read on to learn the best weight loss programs in Singapore to help you with your slimming needs.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Slim Couture

Slim Couture

Image Credit: Slim Couture

Slim Couture is a homegrown company in Singapore with many years of experience assisting people in losing weight fast and safely through the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Since 2010, Slim Couture has been helping numerous people achieve their body goals with its practical and efficient weight loss programs, such as the Divine Slim. It is a quick, powerful, and revolutionary slimming treatment that makes full use of TCM principles to enhance people’s overall health and boost their metabolism.

As proof of its competence, Slim Couture has already won several awards for its excellent services, including the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award, Singapore Quality Brands, and Promising SME 500. These awards prove that Slim Couture is a truly trusted and reliable company for weight loss programs in the country. Its excellence is extensively recognised by the public as well.

Customer Reviews

Debbie Seet

Second time back at Slim Couture. The reason for choosing Slim Couture was because you will lose weight if you follow the diet closely. It is not very hard to follow as the food choices can be found easily.

The experience was as good as the first time with other staff. The first few treatments were painful and bound to have blue blacks. The team on how to adjust gave treatment complemented the diet and advice. It was an overall good experience with a weight loss of 8.5kg.

Glennis Lim

A sceptical about slimming treatments, I had my reservations about SC but decided to give it a shot after my second delivery. I chose SC due to its more traditional methods – mainly gua sha and cupping, which I learnt to enjoy as I got used to the pain.

I’m thrilled I signed up for this at the end of my journey. Definitely lives up to its promises if you keep to their recommendations regarding treatment schedules and meal plans. This treatment even alleviated my nerve pain which could be crippling at times.

Want to give a shout-out to Serah (pictured with me), who accompanied me on this journey. She and the other girls made the Gua Sha and cupping process more tolerable, and time passes so quickly whenever I go for treatments.

Do note that there is a long waiting list! I had to wait for 3 months to start on my first treatment. I’m already looking forward to starting my reboot program next year! Which probably only shows how good their treatments are for new and repeated customers alike.

Contact: +65 6534 0747
Location: GSH Plaza, 20 Cecil Street, #02-05, Singapore 049705
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM | Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun

2. Singapore Fit Club

Singapore Fit Club

Image Credit: Singapore Fit Club

Singapore Fit Club is another trusted company in Singapore regarding fitness and weight loss management. Its main objective is to develop more social and sustainable healthy and active lifestyle activities for everyone in the community to take part in. To achieve such an objective, the company conducts group exercises, shares knowledge about nutrition, and creates valuable friendships that will encourage people to attain their health and fitness goals.

Aside from conducting group exercises, Singapore Fit Club also carries out public and corporate events, such as Nutrition Workshop, DIY Skin Workshop, Healthy Active Lifestyle Day, and My Weight Loss Contest to encourage and empower everyone in the community to start and continue with their journey towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Singapore Fit Club essentially provides people with the inspiration they need during their weight loss journey.

Customer Reviews

Jiamin Chung

I like the fun workout and personalised coaching!

Contact: +65 9383 8656
Location: 7 Tampines Ave, Singapore 527230

3. Wellness Philosophy

Wellness Philosophy

Image Credit: Wellness Philosophy

Wellness Philosophy is a one-stop physical rehabilitation, pain management, healthcare, and wellness clinic that provides comprehensive and non-invasive pain treatment, pre-post-surgery, sports injuries rehabilitation, and weight loss programs in Singapore. All of the company’s services and programs are specifically customised to meet the needs of each of its clients. The motto of Wellness Philosophy is “Your Health, We Care.” Staying true to its motto, the company has already helped numerous people achieve a truly healthy and active lifestyle.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Wellness Philosophy ensures that its pain management programs are meticulously formulated and integrated. Regarding its weight loss programs, the company also guarantees 100% safety and effectiveness. Its patients usually undergo a pre-participation screening to evaluate their physical and health risks so that injuries and mishaps can be avoided while the program is ongoing.

Customer Reviews

Cass Lee

I have been overweight since my teenage years in college with very unhealthy eating habits and was determined to shed those pounds once and for all. However, I was not sure who to turn to, and I was lazy to do running or visit the gym. Until last June, my company invited a clinic to do a lunchtime talk for the staff on wellness and health issues. I was impressed by the speaker, who was very professional and articulate, so I was convinced to give them a try to help solve my weight issue.

At my first visit, a detailed assessment and run down on my body weight was done, and I was put on the Alter G anti-gravity machine, which amazingly was a weightless treadmill !! Never in my life did I believe I could actually run at all, but this machine proved me wrong! It worked like magic. I was so light in the machine, could clock 45 minutes in 1 session, and lost 300 calories! I felt so happy and decided that I would persevere in losing weight by coming back weekly.
Proud to say, since June, I have lost 7 kg and feel so healthy now with the excellent advice and guidance given to me by the professional team AT PAIN CLINIC WELLNESS PHILOSOPHY. THANK YOU, GUYS!

Contact: +65 6223 7170
Location: Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road, #04-05/06, Singapore 228208
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9.30AM-5.30AM | Closed on Sun

4. Aimin


Image Credit: Aimin

Aimin is an acupuncture and weight loss centre known for its contributions to the weight loss journey of Meng Qing Gang, a Guinness World Record holder from Shanghai, China, who lost 80 kilograms in just 100 days. Aimin was initially founded by Dr Shi Lidong, a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician, in China in 1999. However, today, this famous weight loss centre can already be found in the streets of Singapore, helping many Singaporeans achieve their fitness goals.

Aimin primarily uses TCM methods in promoting health and weight management. Its philosophy revolves around providing long-lasting weight management solutions that foster their health and wellness. To complement its TCM foundation, Aimin utilises some western approaches so that its services and programs combine traditional and modern treatments. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of its programs, all customers of Aimin also undergo consulting sessions with its certified physicians.

Customer Reviews

Rennie Lim

Went for the trial, and the overall service was more than expected! Everyone was knowledgeable, from the front desk, service personnel, therapist, and TCM physician, and the service was excellent! Ended up with a package.

Abdul Rahman Mohamad Karim

Really effective. With effective consultation and proper guidance, I lost weight even after completing my trial session. Thanks to the acupuncturist and consultant at work. Highly recommended for those intending to lose weight.

Contact: +65 6226 2323
Location: 51 Cuppage Road, #01-05, Singapore 229469
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-5PM

5. Dorra Slim

Dorra Slim

Image Credit: Dorra Slim

Dorra Slim is a world-class body slimming centre that provides safe, effective, and fast weight loss programs. A lower body slimming expert uses the latest fat-burning and body-shaping technologies to help people in Singapore resolve their fat problems and eliminate the unsightly bump and bulges on their abdomen, hips, and thighs. Even those that a person has had for years can be removed by Dorra Slim’s effective treatments and programs.

For Dorra Slim, certain lifestyle habits are the most common reasons behind one’s weight problems. For this reason, its weight loss treatments and programs are specifically tailored to help people identify the causes and lifestyle traps behind their excess weight to get rid of them effectively. It mainly solves such issues as nutrition-caused weight gain, middle-aged weight gain, post-natal weight gain, genetic obesity, and more.

Customer Reviews

Sandra Lee

A big thank you to my consultant, Fiona, for her professional services rendered to me. Patient, dedicated and knowledgeable staff will explain each treatment’s benefits and outcome. I would also like to thank the treatment specialist, Grace Yer, who planned the treatments for me to attain my desired result.

Sherilyn Tan

My first experience at any slimming centre went better than I expected, with the consultants being very patient and friendly.

Contact: +65 6881 8181
Location: 68 Orchard Rd, #04-57, Singapore 238839
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM | Sat 9.30AM-8PM | Sun 9.30AM-7PM

6. Defato Hub

Defato Hub

Image Credit: Defato Hub

Defato Hub is one of the most trusted companies in Singapore when it comes to reliable, effective, and simplified weight loss programs. It particularly believes in the power of gradual changes to one’s lifestyle in effecting a genuinely successful and sustainable weight loss solution. Defato Hub enables its clients to enjoy the benefits of their chosen weight loss solution not just in a few months but in the long run as well.

Defato Hub is proud to say that its weight loss programs are integrated with empathy. These programs help people lose weight by knowing the appropriate diet or exercise or by using the right products. More so, they sympathise and understand each client’s struggle when it comes to losing weight. This is why each weight loss solution offered by Defato Hub is specifically tailored to meet the varying needs of its clients.

Contract: + 65 6980 5601 or +65 6980 5602


Losing weight is a gradual process that takes time, and there are no shortcuts when it comes to shedding the extra pounds. Nonetheless, with the help of weight-loss experts and professionals, you can burn all those excess fats in your body in a faster, and more importantly, safe manner. Drop them a message for a consultation and see which weight-loss programs would fit you for the long-term weight-loss result you want to see.

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