5 Best O Level Physics Tuition Spots In SG To Master The Subject

June 30, 2021
Best O Level Physics Tuition Singapore

Ever wonder how a heavy aircraft is able to stay afloat in the air without plummeting back to earth? Physics can explain this. Physics is actually useful in our life. It may sound very complicated or a science nerd but it actually isn’t. That is why this subject is part of the PSLE exam and taken in school because there are so many interesting things to learn in this discipline, that is if we understand its foundation.

If your child is having a difficult time grasping the concepts of physics, do not fret because there are Physics spots that are available to share their knowledge about the subject. They will also teach this in a way that learners will not get bored or intimidated by the terms and formulae involved. Here in Singapore, there are 5 best o-level Physics tuition spots that can make your child love and appreciate this field. A list is provided below.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Best Physics Tuition Centre

Image Credit: Best Physics Tuition

Mr Tony Chee, a former JC lecturer and curriculum researcher for the Integrated Programme (IP), has unparalleled knowledge of the Physics curriculum in Singapore’s high schools. He has been a full-time educator since 2015, and he has written multiple Physics guidebooks and contributed to the GCE A-Level Physics Ten Year Series Answers, assisting students all over the island with their Physics studies. He is also running the Best Physics Tuition Centre. 

With these accolades and so much more, he is definitely perfect to be a physics coach.  What can Mr Chee offer? He is patient when it comes to teaching physics and explains concepts carefully and clearly. He applies real-life analogies to make them more tangible and easier to comprehend. And finally, he inspires the students through his passion for this scientific discipline. Make Best Physics Tuition Centre your go-to institution for your child’s physics dilemma and experience why they are one of the 5 best O-level physics tuition spots in the country.

Customer Reviews


Thank you for being such an awesome teacher throughout these two years. You have always been so patient in answering questions. You have also taught us knowledge that is beyond what is required to allow us to appreciate Physics better.


Your advices and information have been really helpful. We particularly enjoyed those discussions with you– your thoughts and suggestions helped us to have a better understanding of the subject. We greatly appreciate your encouragement and assistance along the way. Again, thank you so much 🙂

Contact: +65 8700 9189
Location: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Level B1, Unit 32, Singapore 588179
Waterloo Centre, 261 Waterloo Street, Level 1, Unit 22, Singapore 180261
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 3.30PM-9.30PM | Sat-Sun 9.30AM-9.30PM

2. Calvin Kong

Image Credit: Calvin Kong

Calvin Kong’s physics tuition programs are ideal for individuals who are enthusiastic about learning new things. This company’s tuition programs will benefit anyone who wants to improve their physics skills beyond what they thought was possible. Mr Calvin Kong was also a Senior Physics Teacher at the Ministry of Education.

He became highly familiar with the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Syllabus as a designer for Physics Curriculums. His many years of working with kids from various academic backgrounds and foundations had also enabled him to recognize and comprehend the challenges they faced. Calvin Kong set a national record by leading a group of kids with a T-score of 200 to ace their O-levels, with the majority receiving a distinction grade. This is the point at which he realizes that the techniques he devised are effective! It results in a robust Physics curriculum that can push all pupils to their maximum potential after years of fine-tuning.

Customer Reviews

Wang Shiqi

Before I came to Concept First, I thought physics was so complicated and difficult to understand. However, when I started lessons here, I realised that the tutors were able to break down each chapter into simpler parts and explain each portion with great detail, making physics much easier and more fun!


My daughter enjoys tuition here as it really accelerated her learning in Physics and finds the notes more useful than the ones she is given in school. The tutor is patient too and gives her good consultation for her homework and school projects.

Contact: +65 8246 5685
Location: Clementi Avenue 3 #01-261 Block 449, 120449
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu 2.30-8.30PM | Sat-Sun 9.30AM-4.30PM | Closed on Fri & Sun

3. Concept First

Image Credit: Concept First

Concept First is your Physics Tuition Centre that works, having taught over 800 students from over 80 schools. With the guidance of their great educators, O Level students will not only master Physics at CF, but they will also progressively learn to love the subject.

Physics introduces students to the principles of energy and matter at O Level. Learners need to know how these two major branches of science interact with one another. Their tutors are skilled at presenting engaging courses that hold the attention of all students. They provide an environment that encourages students to ask questions, clarify uncertainties, and think critically about science. Concept First provides the students with a strong understanding of essential physics ideas and conducts demonstrations to increase their learning, ensuring that they are well prepared for their O Level tests.

Customer Reviews


My son has benefited greatly from this centre. Mr Kong is an excellent tutor. He helped him build a good foundation and love for the subject. Thank you Mr Kong for helping him achieve an A1 for his O level Physics. Thumbs up!

RJ Lim

My daughter came to Concept First as she needed help to support her learning in Physics. Mr Kong and team did an excellent job of coaching and motivating her to enjoy the subject. During the past year, the tutors also made extra efforts to enhance the learning experience during the pandemic. The overall experience with Concept First was excellent!

Contact: +65 8246 5685
Location: 449 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-261 (Level 2, 120449
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 1PM-9PM | Sat-Sun 9.30AM-5PM | Closed on Mon

4. Science MasterClass

Image Credit: Science MasterClass

For the past 18 years, Mr. Jimmy Chiang has taught O Level Physics. He thinks that outstanding teaching, full effort from students, and a strong commitment to follow through lead to learning success. At Science MasterClass students learn to master physics principles by analyzing problems set in a physics context.

Some students, on the other hand, are so frightened of making mistakes that they give up. The feeling of inadequacy may be unbearable for them. Because many of their challenges and questions were left unaddressed, they may give up trying. This is why Science MasterClass is here. They offer competent and timely assistance for learners to feel safe making mistakes and maintaining their enthusiasm for learning. Physics is not that scary if the foundation is solidly taught.

Customer Reviews

Xian Ming Goh

My physics improved by leaps and bounds, from a U grade to a B3. Teacher Jimmy was extremely helpful in providing me with sufficient help and reinforcing all the concepts in my head. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a patient and meticulous tutor. 👍🏻👍🏻


I was a student taking teacher Jimmy’s physics class for O levels. He explained the theories very clearly and precise, and made physics a very enjoyable subject. There was also sufficient lessons for the practical lab aspect, which allowed me to clear any doubts 1-to-1 which I could not do in school. In addition, I appreciated the additional classes during the holidays as it helped me to reinforce the ideas, ensuring I further understood it.

Contact: +65 9017 5449
Location: 709 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #02-2593, Singapore 560709
Opening Hours: 9AM-9PM Daily

5. Learning For Keeps

Image Credit: Learning For Keeps

Mr Loh has all of the necessary tools to teach O Level Physics ideas and problem-solving skills. He received Distinction for Singapore A Level Physics, Merit for Singapore A Level Physics Special Paper (which has since been replaced by H3 Paper), and represented JC in the Singapore Physics Olympiad. He is also running Learning For Keeps.

In 2010, Mr. Loh began teaching full-time. He focuses on O Level Pure Physics tuition from the start. Mr Loh is able to devote his complete attention and all of his time to only one issue by offering only one subject. This translates to thorough explanations of Physics ideas, regularly updated lesson notes, and a wide range of appropriate practice questions. He personally teaches both group and one-on-one Physics lessons at his home. Check out the Learning For Keeps website for more details.

Customer Reviews

Connor Harbick

At the start of Sec 3 I struggled with my Physics, struggling to grasp the ideas and making many conceptual mistakes. However, after signing up for physics tuition, my understanding of the subject increased vastly and my physics grade drastically improved. Without my physics tuition, I doubt I would have done as well as I did during Os, I am truly thankful for Mr. Loh’s guidance.

Jovan Lim

At Learning For Keeps, I am able to understand physics concepts from various perspectives and also put them into practice with the wide array of questions provided for me to try. Whenever I am in doubt, Mr. Loh also never hesitates to answer my questions and this helps to reinforce my concepts better. The notes given are concise and are also filled with diagrams to help me visualise better.

Contact: +65 8201 5955
Location: 1187 Upper Serangoon Road ,Singapore 533971 (Just opposite Holy Innocents’ High School.)
Blk 801 Tampines Ave 4 #02-267 Singapore 520801, 2nd level, please take stairs from Lobby B (Inside InstanTuition)
Opening Hours: Thu 9AM-8.30PM | Sat 11AM-9.30PM | Sun 11AM-1PM | Closed on Mon-Wed & Fri


Science, in general, is not everyone’s cup of tea, how much more Physics? However, this can change with the help of experts. The list of the 5 best O-level Physics tuition spots above is proof that there is hope to do well in this subject. 

Your child can still love and be passionate about this subject when given the right environment to learn and the right person to teach. Who better way can do this than Best Physics Tuition Centre, Calvin Kong, Concept First, Science MasterClass, and Learning For Keeps. Check them out now and make your child be O-Level competent in this science subject.

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