10 Best Companies To Buy A Quality CCTV Camera In Singapore

December 11, 2020
Best CCTV Camera Singapore

If you own a business, it is extremely vital that you have cameras installed around your property. Simply having high-quality CCTV cameras in and around the vicinity of your shop is enough for you to enjoy several benefits. For example, CCTV cameras are a deterrence against crime. Just the sight of a CCTV camera is enough to deter criminals from committing crimes in your shop as the cameras represent the presence of the law, keeping watch over your business. This significantly decreases the chances of robberies and other common crimes like shoplifting.

Additionally, it gives you peace of mind even when you are not in your shop or office. CCTV cameras allow you to keep watch over your employees or customers and lets you know what exactly is going on. So, if you are looking for a CCTV camera of quality to install, these 10 companies would be of great help!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Secom Singapore

Image Credit: Secom Singapore

If this is your first business or first time installing a CCTV camera, then Secom Singapore is the company for you. Secom Singapore is the one-stop company for all your video security needs. As a customer of Secom, you will receive advice and help on the best locations in your office or shop to place your CCTV cameras. The team at Secom Singapore takes into account various criteria like the design and even the lighting of the premises, before deciding on where to install your cameras. Hence, this makes them an ideal partner to work with, even if you do not have experience installing CCTV cameras.

As the CCTV cameras are recording for 24 hours per day, there could be a chance that you might need some assistance at some point. In the rare event that you are experiencing technical difficulties with the camera or its systems, Secom Singapore has a 24-hour control centre that enables you to get in touch with them swiftly to solve your issue.

Customer Reviews


Medela services center. Polite and helpful staff.

Contact: +65 3157 3700
Location: Secom Centre, 81 Toh Guan Road East, #01-01, Singapore 608606
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

2. I-Secure Solution

Image Credit: I-Secure Solution

I-Secure Solution goes into every client’s project with the primary aim of giving them peace of mind when away from home or their business. They specialise in various security solutions from CCTV cameras to door access and card access. They strongly believe in providing a comfortable experience for clients when partnering with them for security solutions. Hence, they have a passionate in-house team of technicians who will pay your company or house a free visit, plan out the best spots to set up the CCTV cameras and then install it for you. Essentially, most of the work is done by them, and your worries can be lifted as soon as you give them a phone call and share your interest in their CCTV cameras.

Even though the range of products by I-Secure Solution is continuously upgraded, they maintain their affordable rates so that everyone has the opportunity to keep their homes and business safe from theft or other crimes like vandalism.

Customer Reviews

Stella Khoo

Professional and very helpful with enquiries. Products are of good quality and are reasonably priced. I’ll definitely recommend this company for your security installation needs.

Tan Jack

Great service provider with professional advice and service. Assist us when we have enquiries and quality products as very clear images.

Contact: +65 6527 1111
Location: First Centre, 50 Serangoon North Ave 4, #06-13, Singapore 555856
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. SurveillanceZone

Image Credit: SurveillanceZone

Since their establishment in 2003, SurveillanceZone has been consistently providing their clients with reliable security systems and installations. When looking for a CCTV camera to purchase, it is common to be easily swayed by many companies offering competitive rates. However, one key factor you should take into consideration when getting CCTV cameras is if the company is registered under the Singapore Police Force as a reliable CCTV camera provider. SurveillanceZone is registered under the Singapore Police Force, and hence, they are a company you can place your trust in when it comes to security and surveillance.

Another unique benefit of the security products from SurveillanceZone is that they can be easily accessed remotely. This means that their products utilise the latest technology to keep up with everything that is going on in your home or office while you are in a completely different location.

Customer Reviews

Desmond Thong

They are very professional and gave good advice such as how many CCTV to install and the location to place it so to cover any blindspot. Honest supplier. At first, we were thinking of 4 CCTV but when they came, they advised that there isn’t a need for 4 and 3 is suffice to cover the area. Highly recommend.

Vania Long

Everyone on the team is very patient, friendly and professional. Wonderful service and pleasant experience with them so far. Very prompt response to queries, honest and no hardselling. Keep up the great work Yichong and team! Have engaged Surveillance Zone twice and will continue to engage them in the future.

Contact: +65 6256 7776
Location: Ubi Techpark, 10 Ubi Crescent, Lobby C, #03-40, Singapore 408564
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sun

4. Huntaway Security

Image Credit: Huntaway Security

As there has been a slight increase of housebreaking cases over the past years, Huntaway Security emphasises the need for a reliable and comprehensive security system to deter such activities from occurring. Over the past few years, they have been diligently upholding their mission of being the ones who serve the community with a valuable and practical security solution. Not losing sight of their mission is one of the driving factors behind their passionate team that eagerly helps every customer, making sure their needs are met and worries are eased.

When getting your CCTV camera from Huntaway Security, their cameras are able to capture high-quality footage and images in the clear and crisp 720P and 1080P. This means that you do not have to worry about capturing camera footage that is unclear which defeats the purpose of installing a CCTV camera in the first place.

Customer Reviews

Arian Huang

Compared with several other companies, it’s the one with the best price and quality. The sales Bruce is very nice and patient, provided good service for our company. The CCTV had been in use for 3 months and ran quite well. Recommend for you and I will come again if needed.

Ronald Chua

Thanks to Sales Engineer Phil for the great services he had provided my company for the past years. Phil is reliable, professional, very knowledgeable. He answered all inquiries very quickly. We are very satisfied with the service provided over the years. Looking forward to working with him again soon.

Contact: +65 6316 1284
Location: Wcega Tower, 21 Bukit Batok Crecents, #05-84, Singapore 658065
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. Innotec Solutions

Image Credit: Innotec Solutions

When sourcing for a company to get your security system set up, you should be able to tell if a company is reliable by looking at how many clients they have served successfully. Over the past decade in the security systems industry, Innotec Solutions has served over 10,000 customers. Many of them are return customers who place the safety of their homes and businesses in the hands of Innotec Solutions.

Innotec Solutions also boasts a team of highly qualified professionals. This ensures that you will receive punctual installation, configuration, as well as repairs. Moreover, the well-experienced team would be able to give you practical advice based on their past experience installing CCTV cameras for other businesses. Their wide range of CCTV cameras gives you the option to pick what is best for your business or home, based on aspects like the location and size of the premises.

Customer Reviews

Jimmy Tan

After sale was good. They guided me all the way and responded very quickly to all my questions.

Tom Chua

Best service, the products are good and the staffs are friendly. the installation was fast as well. They really provide extensive solution that benefit me.

Contact: +65 8222 6836
Location: 190 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, Singapore 757516
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

6. ChoiceCycle

Image Credit: ChoiceCycle

Founded in 2003, ChoiceCycle had a humble start in the security systems industry. When they first opened, they were armed with just 2 passionate staff and a compact 150sqft shop. Despite being small and having competitors of large corporations, their passion and desire to help as many clients have a safe and secure home or office is what set them apart. This is one of the main reasons for their rapid growth over the past few years. As of now, ChoiceCycle has diligently served over 30,000 clients and made a name for themselves as one of the market leaders in this industry.

ChoiceCycle has also been given distributorship of Certis Cisco equipment since 2010. Additionally, they have also been named as a partner for Hikvision Security and AStar recently. These prestigious accolades are a testament to their quality of services and products.

Customer Reviews

Nor Hidayah

Was served by Le Qi and Wei An over the weekend when I bought 2 cameras. They were very knowledgeable in the products and extremely patience with us. They also helped me and my husband with the setting up as well as setting it for our phone so that its easier for us to install when we are home. Excellent service and keep up the great work guys! 🙂

Abdul Jamil

LQ : very helpfull, informative person.

We had a pleasant encounter at the sales counter with her. Tks so much for you help

Contact: +65 9853 4404
Location: Sim Lim Square, 1 Rochor Canal Road, #02-08, Singapore 188504
Opening Hours: 11AM-8PM Daily


Image Credit:

One phrase that perfectly describes would be “more than just a CCTV camera retailer”. This company goes above and beyond in ensuring that every single customer of theirs is satisfied with their services. Hence, they have a range of after-sale services and lifetime support for their valued customers to enjoy. As their customer, some of the benefits that you can look forward to are zero recurring payments needed for the camera and its services, and a 1 working day response time. This guarantees swift replies and assistance when you need it, and you would be able to pay for the CCTV cameras with a one-time payment.

Working with is straightforward and boils down to 4 simple steps. Firstly, you get a free, on-site survey from their team and recommendations for various solutions for your situation. Next, they would send over a quotation on the services you request. Once that is settled, they will begin the installations, and the final step would be access to lifetime support.

Customer Reviews

Shermin Yew

2nd time of purchase. Good service in setting up and the after sale support!

C Andrew

Professional service. Good support

Contact: +65 6327 9051
Location: 60 Albert Street, #09-05, Singapore 189969
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat 9AM-12.30PM | Closed on Sun

8. HomeSafe Security

Image Credit: HomeSafe Security

If you are looking for convenience and ease of accessing your CCTV camera footage, you should consider the CCTV camera from HomeSafe Security. Their cameras are accessible through their app. This means that all you need to keep watch over your house or business or office is just a phone and internet connection. No matter where you are, you are able to see exactly what is going on, through the push of a button. To further enhance their service, HomeSafe Security offers CCTV cameras that start at an impressive HD 1080 pixels. Hence, you do not have to be worried about blurry, fuzzy or glitched footage when watching your premises.

Apart from offering high-quality CCTV cameras, HomeSafe Security is also ISO 9001 certified as well as a licensed security service provider under the Singapore Police Force. This means that their products have been checked and approved by the government.

Customer Reviews

Tairu Jien

CCTV cameras done properly and neatly.

Vivek Rajendran


Contact: +65 6646 0074
Location: 11 Mandai Estate, Singapore 729908
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat 9AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

9. Qsafe Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Qsafe Pte Ltd

If your office or business takes up a large area, then Qsafe Pte Ltd is the go-to CCTV camera suppliers to work with. They specialise in providing visual surveillance technology systems like CCTV cameras for businesses with a large premise. They are also ideal if you have a large construction site you want to be kept under surveillance. Whether your goal is to monitor the progress of your site when away or to prevent petty crimes from occurring on-site, the CCTV camera from Qsafe Pte Ltd should do the job.

There are many reasons why it can be helpful to have footage that covers your entire site. Firstly, there is always a chance of an employee getting hurt on your premise, and having a CCTV installed will significantly aid you since you are able to review the footage and know what happened. Also, if your business is open 24 hours or running for long hours, you are still able to have an eye on your employees as well as customers without having to be at the shop or office at all times.

Customer Reviews

Kselvam 1984

They are the best consultant for Noise and Vibration monitoring system in Singapore. They submitted the report are very perfect.

Good job 💐

Ink Web Avi

Good Services.

Contact: +65 8123 4812
Location: Enterprise Hub, 48 Toh Guan Rd E, #08-155, Singapore 608586
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun

10. Hyper Communications

Image Credit: Hyper Communications

Taking a look at all the reputable clients that Hyper Communications has served over the past years should give you a good gauge on their quality of service. Since their establishment in 2006, they have worked with various industry leaders like Boeing Singapore, Panasonic Singapore, and Shaw Industries Asia in setting up their surveillance systems. Hence, this is one company that is strongly recommended when it comes to durable and reliable security systems.

What’s unique about Hyper Communications is that their team comprises various talented and experienced individuals from engineers to consultants. Their friendly team is diverse and able to tend to any of your needs, whether it is before installing your CCTV camera or even months after setting it up. Their approach when working with clients is understanding their needs and meeting them while keeping under the budget. This emphasises how they put their clients’ satisfaction as a priority in their business.

Customer Reviews

Nowfal Hussain

My hearty congratulations for being the best and favourite master dealer of Panasonic systems solutions company in Singapore for many years.

SeeKiat Koh

Excellent and detailed unified communications solutions provider

Contact: +65 6336 0055
Location: 1093 Lower Delta Road, #04-17, Singapore 169204
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.45AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


With the products from these 10 dependable companies, ensuring that you have a safe environment for your family at home or employees at work is just one click away!

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