7 Best Commercial Cleaning Companies In SG To Tidy Up Your Space

June 7, 2021
Best Commercial Cleaning Singapore

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has launched the SG Clean campaign. This campaign aims to mobilize stakeholders and members of the public to do their part in raising levels of cleanliness and public hygiene and safeguarding public health by implementing healthy personal habits and social responsibility.

Singapore has often been labeled as the cleanest county in the world because it is indeed clean here. Not just the country but every nook and corner is spotless. That is why there are also a lot of industrial cleaning services that are flourishing. This is to augment the need to keep the country clean and at the same time provide aide to busy Singaporeans in maintaining a clean household. Here is a list of 7 best commercial cleaning companies in Singapore to help you tidy up your space and in making your surrounding safe and germ-free.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. APlus Clean Solutions

Image Credit: APlus Clean Solutions

This company provides quality, dedication, service, and reliability. Clients have made them the most admired specialist cleaning company within the commercial, common and carpet cleansing industry in Singapore. Clients can expect the finest commercial, domestic as well as carpet cleaning professionals in Singapore. It also brings clients quality cleaning services with pledge to quality and maximum standards. This is as per the website.

Why choose APlus Clean Solutions? It’s because staff are all Government Certified and consistently undergoes training approved by the National Development Agency. They provide custom-tailored solutions for both commercial and industrial businesses. And lastly they focus on nature safe solutions. At APlus Clean Solutions you are assured that they are able to reach quality and cost effective products to meet the needs of the client.

Customer Reviews

Isabella Ea
Prompt in replies, the workers are skillful and polite. Top notch services. Would definitely recommend to others.

Highly recommend. Aplus clean solutions absolutely provide good standard of carpet washing and office cleaning services to our customers.

Contact: +65 8233 6300
+65 6742 6232
Location: 5008 Ang Mo Kio Ave, 5 #04-09 Techplace II, Singapore 569874
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

2. ESP Cleaning Services

Image Credit: ESP Cleaning Services

Their service offerings have expanded substantially through the years, from focusing their attention to residential cleaning providers, into a one-stop service agency that customers employ to get a broad selection of cleaning assistance including the washing of office property, showrooms, retail fitness centers, dormitories, healthcare facilities, nursing residences and education establishments. Their clients range from Fortune 500 firms to local SMEs. As per the website.

Through all these years, companies appreciate their capacity to understand their requirements and supply a hands-on, tailored fit service. ESP Cleaning Services’ have built numerous deep relationships with their clients. This only shows that they guarantee customer satisfaction and deliver consistent issue resolution to cleaning needs. To view more of ESP’s credentials you can check out their website and be amazed by the service they provide.

Customer Reviews

Ms. Cindy Yeo
Thanks for doing a good job on the deep cleaning and sanitisation of our office last week. My boss is very satisfied with your service.

Ms. Clarice Wong
Response was extremely quick from Daniel even when its after working hours and it was very easy to schedule the cleaning session – able to schedule a session within the same day!

Contact: +65 6589 8409
Location: 12 Woodlands Square, Unit 06-66 Wood Square, Tower One, 737715
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM | Sat & Sun Closed

3. Peniel Cleaning Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Peniel Cleaning Pte Ltd

This company’s team consists of professional local cleaners, well trained float leaders, pleasant looking and English speaking pantry ladies, dedicated operational managers and supervisors, efficient team coordinators and experienced sales team. With a prestigious  team like theirs, what can go wrong?

Peniel Cleaning Pte Ltd was formerly designed after a Hebrew biblical name, representing “Face of God”. The company thinks and works towards establishing long-term relationships with their clients while providing expert and quality washing. Their experienced project team, committed support staff plus trained cleaners have provided largely to their expanding base in Singapore. In case you are considering a professional, reliable in addition to friendly cleaner, look no further because Peniel Cleaning Pte Ltd is here for you.

Customer Reviews

Ms. Peggy Chan
I am extremely satisfied with the shampoo sum sanitization service and the cleaning up of my flat. Thank you.

Ms. Ang
Staff are punctual and organized, keep it up!

Contact: +65 6542 8850
+65 6582 3297
Location:158 Kallang Way, Singapore 349245 (Operating Address)
111 North Bridge Road #27-01, Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098 (Corporate Address)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM | Sat & Sun Closed

4. Eco Clean Office

Image Credit: Eco Clean Office

A reliable cleaning company within Singapore offering specialized services like workplace cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and carpet washing. They use highly-trained cleaning experts, the newest technology, plus best cleaning procedures to ensure a greatly cleaned workplace at reasonable costs. On top of these, Eco Clean Office also offer a free disinfecting service worth $300 if it is your first time using their service.

What makes Eco Clean Office different from the other companies? They have highly trained professionals, they have a large group of standby cleaners, they use eco friendly cleaning solutions, they stay in the know, they all have insurance coverage, and lastly they can be reached island wide. You can get in touch with them anywhere and they will be there to clean the space you need them to clean.

Customer Reviews

Rabelle Chan
Michael & team arrived 30 min before designated time. They took great care with cleaning process & ensured that everything was thoroughly done. All target areas were cleaned within 4-hr time frame. The were also very helpful with restoring everything in order after cleaning process. Highly recommended!

Charlotte Yang
Really incredible service all around, customer service from Michael & his team was outstanding!

Contact: +65 8204 3689
Location: 24 Mid View City
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM

5. Lukis

Image Credit: Lukis

This company is always about an endless quest to improve in addition to innovating as a great office cleaning business and boosting their coaching process of office cleaners within Singapore. For Lukis, the best way of measuring success is through client satisfaction and long-term partnership. They seek to continually make it happen by simply maintaining the higher standard of services and delivering men and women who prioritize the achievements of their customers to their staff. In addition, they enhance your business by means of reassurance that the work space you have is safe and disinfected of the highest standard especially at this time of pandemic. And with this, you are guaranteed peace of mind.

If you are looking to have a spotless and hygienic work space then, set an appointment to have Lukis take care of a germ free environment. Through this you will also experience first hand the quality of service they provide.

Customer Reviews

Yingge Singapore PTE. LTD.
I have engaged LUKIS cleaning services to clean my office regularly. They have always showed up on time and did more than what was expected of the company. I can’t be more satisfied and will definitely continue to use their services. LUKIS shown us they have a great sense of responsibility towards their work and their service level towards their clients. I would highly recommend LUKIS to anyone that is looking for a dependable cleaning services provider for their office.

Hanwha Techwin CO. LTD.
I am writing to recommend the services of LUKIS Cleaning service. We have been using LUKIS team to clean our office from Aug 2019, so far completely satisfied. They are professional, do an excellent job, are always punctual and offer very competitive rates.

Contact: +65 6742 9968
Location: 8 Burn Road #15-13, Trivex, Singapore 369977
Opening Hours: Daily 8AM-10PM

6. Day&Night

Image Credit: Day&Night

Created by a group of professionals with many years of collected cleaning services skill, the particular objective of Day&Night would be to provide a unique “tailor-fit” top quality cleaning services to be able to cater all of their customers. Accredited by the National Surroundings Agency (NEA) with their Enhanced Clear Mark Accreditation Structure, they deliver high standards of washing with the training associated with workers, utilization of equipment to improve work techniques, and fair employment protocols.

This company has cleaned 200 commercial services, 200 residential buildings, 200 satisfied and happy customers and 200 staff to provide to clients for their cleaning needs. They also offer commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, floor cleaning and polishing, landscaping services and pest control services among others. If you want to experience the unique service they provide book Day&Night on your next cleaning day.

Customer Reviews

Rachel, AsianFilArchive
Day&Night Services provided quality commercial cleaning services and were patient and accommodating with our needs. They also provided suggestions for stubborn stains and were very efficient. I woul highly recommend them!

Hui Xan
Day&Night is the one-stop service provider that our company reuires. THey have helped us by cleaning our office daily and providing a clean and omfortable environment for all employees to work in. I wil definitely recommedn Day&Night Services to all companies that require cleaning services.

Contact: +65 6834 4468
Location: 6 New Industrial Road, #05-01,Singapore 536199
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30AM-9PM | Sat 8:30Am-5:30PM | Sun Closed

7. Baoshi Cleaning

Image Credit: Baoshi

Baoshi Cleaning specialized in supplying experienced staff members for Hotels and Food and Beverage industry since they have been in this industry for 14 years. They are able to provide a variety of cleaning solutions from residential washing services as well as commercial cleaning services to Food & Beverages, office cleaning and even the care centers for youngsters or elderly.

Their strengths are their staff who are committed to provide excellent service, their updated equipment and cleaning solutions, affordable cost and quality service, and finally they are provide 24/7 self booking platform. The services they offer include but not limited to Residential and Office Cleaning (regular, intensive and disinfection), Commercial cleaning and others. Baoshi Cleaning surely is the service company for you.

Customer Reviews

Thomas David
cleaning my house in a professional and detail way. cleaner know what there are doing, don’t require any instruction to them. Will engage them 2 month time.

Sky S.

Contact: +65 6533 3320
Location: 101A Upper Cross St, People’s Park Centre, #07-11, Singapore 058358
Opening Hours: 24 Hours


Having a clean, spotless and organized space encourages us to effectively and efficiently do our tasks.  Having a germ free environment is as important as ever.

These 7 best commercial cleaning companies in SG listed above are here to help you tidy up your space and achieve that peace of mind while working plus allowing us to hit productivity goals. Experience the services that they offer, set up an appointment, as well as have that inner peace while focusing on your duties.

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