5 Best Corporate Gifts In Singapore To Lasting Impressions

July 20, 2021
Best Corporate Gifts Singapore

Interested in creating a strong impression at the workplace? Or perhaps looking to increase branding awareness?  Whatever reason it may be, corporate gifts may be the solution.

Corporate gifts are usually given to employees of a company or its clients. However, corporate gifts can be given to different recipients as well. The best corporate gifts being able to create a positive emotion to the one receiving it. Luckily for various businesses in Singapore, there is a plethora of corporate gift providers to choose from. But, only some can be considered as the best. Here are our top 5 picks for the best providers of corporate gifts in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Nanyang Gifts

Image Credit: Nanyang Gifts

Nanyang Gifts is a Singapore based establishment which specialises in supplying different types of merchandise including corporate gifts. In fact, the company can be considered one of the best when it comes to the supply of corporate gifts in Singapore. Nanyang Gifts is able to provide quality products and services by being able to offer customisation features.  The enterprise understands the importance of adding a personal touch with their corporate gifts in order to best generate a relevant impression to the intended recipient.

Not only upholding the best standards in Singapore in terms of corporate gifts, Nanyang Gifts offers a wide range of products to choose from. These products can range from minimal to larger budgets depending on the needs of the client. A few samples of the types of merchandise available include electronic gadgets, clothing, office supplies, sports equipment, and travel bags amongst several other options.  Packaging options are also available which showcases the ability of Nanyang Gifts as a complete provider in Singapore when it comes to corporate gifts.

Customer Reviews


Despite the tight deadline and situation, they are able to deliver the orders on time and promptly. My colleagues around the region are impressed with the quality of the mugs. I would recommend to those sourcing for corporate gifts and for their clients. Good during- and after-sales service.


Nanyang gift produced 300,000 pcs of PVC ticket holder during CB’s period. All liaison was done online or thru phone calls. Given the tight timeline, they are able to deliver on time and produce good quality work. Thumb up!

Contact: +65 6282 1225
Location: 8 Burn Road, #12-05, Singapore 369977
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

2. Patma Gifts

The Singapore Institute of Technology, Shell Gasoline, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf amongst several other reputable brands have acquired the corporate gift services of Patma Gifts. Interested clients are able to search and purchase products by budget. Prices can range from below 6 Singapore dollars to under 50 Singapore dollars. The organisation has been in operations for approximately 2 decades which can be a testament of Patma Gifts as being one of the best when it comes to supplying corporate gifts in Singapore.

Excellence products as well as timely delivery is the focal point of Patma Gifts when providing corporate gifts to customers in Singapore. These corporate gifts are suitable for a variety of purposes. These may be for company branding, team building events, or perhaps even just rewarding employees for their faithful years of service.

Customer Reviews



Contact: +65 6746 2127
Location: 84 Genting Lane #05-01 Singapore 349584
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Gift Giant

Image Credit: Gift Giants

Gift Giants offers both corporate gifts and T-Shirt printing services. The establishment caters to companies in Singapore and offers a plethora of corporate gifts which are viewable on their website. Gift Giant is proud of their ability to provide potential customers in Singapore with an instantaneous quote for products they wish to purchase. Furthermore, the provider places an emphasis on customer service wherein the organisation claims to answer any query in a span of not more than a day.

The enterprise claims to provide competitive prices when it comes to corporate gifts. Gift Giant has served the likes of varying types of businesses ranging from small enterprises to companies listed as one of the top worldwide organisations. Expected lead time for customised products is at a fast pace of only around seven business days.

Customer Reviews


Very professional and fast service. Very helpful with answering questions about our corporate gifts selection and also deciding on the suitable t-shirt printing option. Was a great experience ordering from them and will do so again in the future.


Fast and cheap printing service for t shirts! Service was decent too

Contact: +65 8782 6746
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun

4. FG Concepts

Image Credit: FG Concepts

The corporate gifts provider based in SIngapore has received several positive reviews for its quick and easy transactions. FG concepts has a variety of products suitable for corporate gifts ranging from bags, power banks, stuff toys, and other items. Clients who are environmentally concerned citizens will be happy to know that eco friendly corporate gifts and packaging are also available in the store.  The Singapore establishment has items priced at varying points to suit the needs of those with varying budget choices.

FG concept’s utilises an easy to understand e-commerce website. Products along with pricing are clearly displayed as well as the packaging style. Customer service is one of the strong key selling points of the Singapore organisation. This facet has enticed many to purchase from the establishment. Many of the customers becoming repeat buyers of corporate gifts and has recommended other clients to purchase from FG concepts as well.

Customer Reviews


Very reliable company. Smooth and fast transactions. Vendor is flexible and easy to deal with. Highly recommended.


I would give more stars if I could. The service level of the team is impeccable and they are more than just a source of gifts – They’d suggestion alternative gifts within price ranges as well as search for potential ideas based on a brief, and are always flexible with delivery requiremnts. 10/10 recommend !

Contact: +65 67477266
Location: B Central, 996 Bendemeer Road, #05-03, Singapore 339944

5. Giftsmart

Image Credit: Giftsmart

This corporate gifts provider is unique in a sense that it tailors a client’s identity to merchandise. From the name of the establishment itself, Giftsmart believes in making intelligence decisions especially when it comes to corporate gifts. The best corporate gifts being able to showcase the branding of a Singapore business while conveying positive value to the intended recipient. Giftsmart does not solely care about being a quality supplier of corporate gifts but also in building long term sustainable business relationships.

Giftsmart has been offering corporate gift services for more than a decade. The organisation claims that the years of experience have given it a strong background in recommending organisations which merchandise are the most relevant in for offering to employees and marketing purposes. In fact, the Singapore corporate gifts provider encourages customers to inquire of what items best suits them.

Contact: +65 6274 8171
Location: 1 Genting Lane #03-01, Singapore 349544


The act of giving gifts can generate interpersonal relationships with employees and is often seen as a vital point in showing value towards a person. Data reports that an astounding rate of approximately 70% of clients are likely to transfer to the services of another competitor due to a feeling of lack of care. While seeming simple in nature, corporate gifts can be the difference in maintaining long relationships with organisational members and your customers.

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