5 Best Custom Notebook Printing In SG For Perfect Branding

January 13, 2022
Best Custom Notebook Printing Singapore

Notebooks are highly utilised items commonly used in various industries and people of all ages. A provider can tap into this market through custom notebook printing services by a Singapore establishment and convert it into opportunities to help build awareness for certain businesses.

A notebook printing supplier in Singapore can apply a company’s branding onto a notebook or add text to create a personalised value. In some cases and depending on the brand, it has even become a sought-out collector’s item by certain groups of people. Below are our top picks for the 5 best notebook printing suppliers in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Nanyang Gifts

Image Credit: Nanyang Gifts

The establishment fully understands the role gifts play in the corporate world and takes into account the necessity for creating a relevant impact with recipients. When it comes to custom notebook printing in addition to other corporate gifts, Nanyang Gifts has established itself as one of the premier suppliers in Singapore. This is due to the vast array of items the notebook printing supplier has under its belt. In addition, Nanyang gifts uphold high standards to consistently produce output, unrivalled by other notebook printing suppliers in Singapore.

Nanyang Gifts offers custom notebook printing to Singapore customers with diverse options on notebook models and editable designs. Furthermore, the supplier ensures transactions that are hassle-free and quick to deliver in order to meet urgent requirements set by the client. Nanyang Gifts also offers discounted rates for custom notebook printing for Singapore clients who wish to purchase in bulk.

Customer Reviews


Customised business leather notebook with name engraving. Job well done by Nanyang Gifts

Tiongyong Chu

I ordered 30 wireless charging notebook but they came without the wireless charging features. I expected the replacement to be painful but it was surprisingly a breeze. Nanyang Gifts did the exchange without questions, their service is undoubtedly excellent. I’ll go back again.

Contact: +65 6282 1225
Location: 8 Burn Road, #12-05, Singapore 369977
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

2. Apex Gifts and Prints

Image Credit: Apex Gifts and Prints

The staff of Apex Gifts and prints have several years of procurement experience under their belts, enabling the organisation to offer quality merchandise at an affordable rate. The establishment can provide corporate gifts, including custom notebook printing services, at a speedy process regardless of small or bulk orders by Singapore customers.

Custom notebook printing by this Singapore provider can be edited to showcase an establishment’s logo and company name, amongst several other things. This may be accomplished by speaking to their design consultant. There are also several types of notebooks a client may choose from with varying styles to capture a company’s branding adequately. Customers can also receive quotes for their designs quickly due to the organisations focus on showcasing excellent customer service.

Customer Reviews

Edwin Yeo

Quality item and great workmanship. The paper weight I ordered surpassed my expectation and I’m very satisfied with it. Item was delivered very quickly as well..

Cat Gonzales

We are highly impressed by Apex Gifts and Prints Corporate Gifts for clients. Not only are these are elegant and impressive but are noticed by our Clients in our dealings with them. Importantly, these are affordable and budgetable. We can definitely recommend!

Contact: +65 9127 6234
Location: 13 Kaki Bukit Ave 4, Bartley Business Singapore, #02-03 , Singapore 417807
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Express Print

Image Credit: Express Print

Express Print has received many 5 star online reviews with claims for ease of transactions. These positive assessments are not limited to the simple purchase of items but include custom design printing merchandise such as notebooks and other corporate gift items in Singapore.

The establishment easily leads others to believe it is a premiere notebook printing supplier in Singapore due to its efficient processing speed and smooth design experience. Clear instructions are available on the Singapore organisation’s website on submitting a custom notebook design for printing to prevent delays. Methods for Singapore clients who wish to use custom notebook design can be completed through hot stamping or spot UV.

Customer Reviews

Gayathri Ganesan

Overall good experience buying from expressprint. Ordering was fairly simple, with clear instructions on how to design, and what format it should be in. Price was affordable too. Was pleasantly surprised when my order was ready for collection faster than I had expected (I had selected printing time as 2 working days, but I was able to collect on the same day itself)

Thomas Loh

Easy n simple to use website. Kai was very efficient in helping when I need to print again but needed to do a small amendment. Good service usually come at a higher cost but Expressprint is super affordable n yet give quality service n product. Pleasant experience

Contact: +65 6100 8328
Location:Toa Payoh N, Blk 998, #01-09, Singapore 318993
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 9.30AM-6PM | FRI 9.30AM-5PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Print Venue

Image Credit: Print Venue

An online shop operating in Singapore, Print Venue provides items that have been edited with unique features. The establishment boasts hundreds of these items to choose from, including notebooks that can be customised to reflect a particular organisation. Customers can send their designs to Print Venue for production. However, the Singapore notebook printing supplier can also provide their own templates, which can be edited according to the customer’s preference.

The custom notebook printing of the Singapore establishment allows clients to edit both the front and back covers of certain notebooks. This Singapore supplier’s custom notebook printing is expected to take 48 hours to complete. A description of the different notebooks is also available on their website should customers need a detailed overview of the product. Orders for notebook printing can be completed regardless of the time in Singapore.

Location: 12 Prince Edward Road, Bestway Building, #03-09/10 , Singapore 079212

5. Switts

Image Credit: Switts

Switss is a corporate gifts specialist in Singapore who claims to offer more than a thousand merchandise to choose from. The company even makes an effort to help clients decide what item would be most ideal for them when seeking to make returns from their investment when sending corporate gifts.

While engaged in the supply of a variety of merchandise, Switss is renowned as a premier notebook printing supplier in Singapore. When it comes to custom notebook printing, the Singapore establishment offers several different item styles. Some are of different sizes, materials, designs, or other features. Packaging options are also available to be selected when availing of custom notebook printing services. Switss has worked with reputable organisations around Singapore such as Redcross, Singhealth, and several other establishments.

Customer Reviews

Desmond Ang

Very professional team – knowledgeable and customer oriented. We are impressed with the quality of your products and giving valuable advice on what works. Highly recommended!

Smith Tan

I am delighted to have engaged the service from Switts Group. It is utterly brilliant. Quote from one example, i had an important event to deliver on a short notice. Many companies are reluctant to help me rush the products for the event and some charges at an unreasonable price. Switts Group has given me hope by trying to rush out for me at a very competitive price. The end result came with an astounding delivery. The products came early and are well received by the audiences. That says so much about the quality and the effort rendered. Thank you once again, Switts Group!

Contact: +65 9090 0712
Location:10 Ubi Cres, #01-48, Singapore 408564
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


One could argue that customised notebooks can be seen as a strong platform for building brand awareness. Not only is it inexpensive merchandise to avail, but it is highly customisable to be able to reflect a design that is suitable for an organisation correctly. In addition to this, notebooks are widely used by individuals of different age groups. They are commonly carried around from one place to another, leading to increased public exposure.

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