Everlasting Bud: 5 Best Shops For Dried Flowers In Singapore

June 18, 2021
Best Dried Flowers Singapore

When it comes to romantic gestures, fresh flowers are the classic way to show it. However, they die in a matter of days and it’s a waste to just throw them away. Some people prefer a long-lasting set of flowers to short-lived fresh flowers. These kinds are highly preserved so the scent and style will remain for a very long time. So if you’re one of them, you better check out the great collection of some shops!

You will be surprised that they have a lot of uses. Other than keeping the memory alive of the even when you got the flower but it can also be used as potpourri, gifting, and even cooking to name a few. If you are not familiar with preserved flowers and what’s it for, check out the list we’ve made for the best shops in Singapore that provide dried flowers!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. SJO Flora

Image Credit: SJO Flora

SJO Flora was established in 2017 and started out of the relentless dedication of artisan florists. The company puts heart and passion into helping people handcraft gifts with preserved and dried flowers in the country. The shops sell various types of flowers for different occasions – from preserved flower bell jars to terrariums, bouquets to keychains.

The shop also uses dried and fresh flowers in their products to cover certain occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, graduations, and valentine’s day. SJO Flora offers 24/7 online support for its clients, designs sophisticated flower arrangements, delivery, and pick-up options!

Customer Review

Akmal Nazam

Fast and seamless transaction from check out to collection, and great that they are flexible with the delivery/pick up time. My gift order was arranged and customized nicely – will definitely order with them again!

Carmen Tan

Always have a wonderful experience with these talented ladies. They are extremely professional and lovely to talk to. Their passion for preserved flowers can be seen through their work.

Contact: +65 9817 7708
Location: Block 94, Geylang Bahru, Singapore, 330094
Opening Hours: 10AM-11PM Daily

2. First Sight

Image Credit: First Sight

First Sight has everything you’re looking for on every occasion – from a mini vase full of attractive preserved flowers to a big bouquet! The shop also offers services for wedding events and creating beautiful bridal bouquets. The shop has been featured in various media publications, which makes them one of the most well-known shops that offer the best-dried flowers in the country!

First Sight is dedicated to the creation of exquisite bouquets and gifts which are made with a touch of love and passion for you and your loved ones.

Customer Review

Katrina Yip

Everything about this shop is superb – you get alluring arrangements, eye-catching colors, reasonable prices, and amazing customer service!

Kelvin Lam

the flowers in the bouquet were fresh and beautifully wrapped in high-quality wrapping paper. The colors of the bouquet were well thought out, with no clashing colors.

Location: The Citron, 1 Marne Rd, #01-05, Singapore, 208380
Opening Hours: 10AM-4PM Daily | Closed on Sun

3. Dawn Q

Image Credit: Dawn Q

Dawn Q offers appealing and Instagram-worthy bouquets of dried flowers your loved ones will absolutely appreciate. The shop includes collections of flower boxes, dainty jars, and arrangements such as sympathy, wedding flowers, and congratulatory. Also, if you prefer a simple bouquet or minimalist designs that contain only one type of flower, this shop has the best-dried flowers in the country!

Dawn Q consists of passionate florists in Singapore that aim to bring the simplest joys to everyone’s daily lives through working with flowers and providing their customers with prompt service.

Customer Review

Rebekah Lim

Absolutely love the preserved flowers! The colors are so pretty and it’s a perfect room decoration, if not something to perk up your day. It makes me happy to see them every morning! 100% a beautiful bouquet for anyone who loves autumn.

Erica Low

Highly recommend it for people who want to give flowers as gifts! initially received it as a birthday gift which I was happy that I could keep it as it was dried flowers! Thank you Dawn Q!

Contact: +65 9179 6689
Location: 62 Ubi Rd 1, #05-13, Singapore, 408734
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM | Sat 10AM-3PM | Closed on Sun

4. Bloomback

Image Credit: Bloomback

Bloomback offers everything you need – from a choice of flowers to colors, design, and packaging. The shop always makes it special with unique flower glass dome styling and other preserved flower gifts. Plus, their collections are creative and unique since they have charms, glass domes, Bluetooth speakers, and jewelry boxes! Each of these is made with your chosen type of flower, colors, and personalized message. For any occasion, their floral arrangements and collections are perfect for anyone and any season.

Blookback’s highlights include seasonal gift sets, personalized gifts, same-day gift delivery, and free delivery.

Customer Review

Razali Ashar

Thank you for taking my last-minute order for my daughter’s birthday! I will strongly recommend your service to my friend!

Jessie Chua

The flowers were beautiful! The recipient was delighted to receive the preserved rose in dome glass. Thank you!

Contact: +65 8749 4806
Location: The Vertex, 33 Ubi Ave 3, #05-70, Singapore, 408868
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-2PM

5. One Olive

Image Credit: One Olive

One Olive is widely known to be an all-around florist shop in the country that offers various flower arrangements, potted plants, and more. The shop offers dried flowers where you can choose between a bouquet or a basket, and various scents such as lavender, baby’s breath, etc. Plus, they also provide bloom boxes and vases and caters for wedding and corporate events, space styling, and workshop.

One Olive is loved by flower enthusiasts for its bridal bouquets, corsages, and a whole bridal package for all wedding floral arrangements.

Customer Review

Tobiah Lo

One Olive has been my go-to florist for special occasions for many years. Their work is bespoke and elegant with simplicity. I enjoy their professional advice, floral choice, presentation, and their delivery is on time!

Bethany Chang

One Olive’s service is amazing! The florist caters to your requests and shows you the types of flowers/themes for you to choose from. They reply to your requests promptly and are very polite.

Contact: +65 6779 3543
Location: 61 Seng Poh Ln, #01-01, Singapore, 160061
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 12.30PM-6PM | Closed on Mon & Sun


With dried flowers or preserved bouquet in the picture, the idea of buying fresh flowers seem less wasteful than it was before! Above all, there is no perfect way to show your endless love by giving flowers that never die!

The list of s5 best hops above for the dried flowers should narrow down your choices on where to get these everlasting buds. Check them out and you might be inspired to make use of these buds other than as a romantic gesture. The sky is the limit for your imagination.

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