7 Best Companies For Flower Bouquet Delivery In SG

December 6, 2021
Best Flower Bouquet Delivery Singapore

Even if transient, everyone loves to receive a bouquet of fresh, colourful, and sweet-scented flowers. Receiving a bouquet with the well-wishes of a close friend or loved one is definitely going to make anyone’s day feel that little bit brighter and memorable. So if you’re planning to surprise your loved one on a special occasion (or to make any ordinary day extraordinary), the best thing you can do is send some beautiful blossoms their way.

While there are many florists in Singapore, only a number of them offer flower bouquet delivery services – and these are helpful if you have a packed schedule or are overseas but still want your loved ones to receive something special. Read on to find out the best and most reliable flower bouquet delivery in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

Nicole’s Flower

Nicole's Flower

Image Credit: Nicole’s Flower

Nicole’s Flower is a household name in Singapore for breathtaking bouquets. This famous flower shop offers an array of exquisite blooms that will surely excite your loved ones and fill them with happiness. Nicole’s Flower boasts of a team of skilled floral artists who constantly strive to create original, elegant, and memorable flower designs that showcase the natural beauty of flowers.

Nicole’s Flower ensures that it only uses the freshest and highest quality handpicked blossoms in its flower arrangements. So, you can guarantee that your chosen flower bouquet will last long in the home of your loved one. Its quick and convenient delivery services will also assure you your floral gift will reach your loved one’s house or office on time. Regardless of whatever occasion, you can trust Nicole’s Flower to satisfy all your floral needs.

Customer Reviews

Kreator H

I ordered a bouquet from them to gift my mother, who had just gotten out of the hospital. I selected a specific arrangement off their website but asked for some customisation to make it brighter/happier. I came back to collect it a few hours later, and boy, was I impressed. The bouquet was beautiful and exactly what I had hoped for. Needless to say, my mother loved the flowers, and it was a perfect ‘Get Well Soon’ bouquet to brighten up someone’s day. I will definitely be ordering flowers from them again.

Timothy Soo

Loved the bouquet I ordered from them – the flowers were fresh, and the colour palette was perfectly matched. The bouquet size was big too and nicely wrapped. Will be ordering from them again.

Contact: +65 9177 4188
Location: UNI Building, 224 Telok Kurau, Rd, #01-01, Singapore 423836
Opening Hours: Daily 9AM-10PM

First Sight SG

First Sight SG

Image Credit: First Sight SG

First Sight SG is another famous flower shop in Singapore that houses some of the country’s most amazing bouquets of fresh blossoms. Established in 2015, First Sight SG slowly built its name from a part-time florist to a full-blown and well-loved flower store with many loyal clients. It was founded by a passionate flower enthusiast who believes in the power of unique and beautiful flower bouquets in making people’s lives a lot better.

You can find almost every kind of blooms you need in First Sight SG, from corporate event flowers to wedding flowers. These flowers can be readily sent to your loved one whenever and wherever they are since First Sight SG provides a reliable delivery service of their flower bouquets. Their delivery is generally chargeable at $15 per bouquet, regardless of your loved one’s location.

Customer Reviews

DW Lim

I think this place might be my go-to shop for buying flowers. The flowers here are beautiful and well-wrapped. Pleasant and thoughtful owner, flowers are perfect for a special occasion!! I would highly recommend buying from this store.

Audrey Ow Jia Yu

Very personalised service provided. Seamless process from ordering to getting my order confirmed. The flowers look great, and the recipient loved them.

Contact: +65 9238 1226
Location: The Citron, 1 Marne Rd, #01-05, Singapore 208380
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-4PM | Sat 10AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

Dawn Q

Dawn Q

Image Credit: Dawn Q

Dreamy and elegant bouquets of flowers are the main offers of Dawn Q, a well-known flower shop in Singapore named after its founder, Dawn. The flower shop is said to be built on the promise of bringing to the people of Singapore luxurious and classy flowers at affordable prices. Dawn Q prides itself in creating timeless flower designs that bring happiness into the lives of its customers. It has a team of professional florists who make sure that they provide only the best kinds of flower bouquets.

At Dawn Q, you can find a wide array of floral arrangements fit for every occasion and purpose. Whether you are looking for a bridal bouquet or some dried flowers, Dawn Q is one of the best flower shops to consider in the country. Aside from its bespoke flower designs, the store also provides its customers with prompt delivery and quick responses within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Rebekah Lim

Absolutely love the preserved flowers! It makes me happy to see them every morning. The colours are so pretty, and it’s a perfect room decoration, if not something to perk up your day. 100% a beautiful bouquet for anyone who loves autumn.

Tsang Zi Xuan

First time getting flowers from here, and they are gorgeous! They came packaged well and looked exactly like the website’s photo! Delivery was on time too, and the website was straightforward to use. Thank you so much!

Contact: +65 9179 6689
Location: 62 Ubi Rd 1, #05-13, Singapore 408734
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM | Sat 10AM-3PM | Closed on Sun

Le Blanc Florist

Le Blanc Florist

Image Credit: Le Blanc Florist

If your loved one is a fan of Korean dramas or the Korean aesthetic, Le Blanc Florist is the flower shop you should turn to. Le Blanc Florist is an online flower store based in Singapore specialising in Korean-style flower bouquets. Its founder, Muf, has a combined creative background in the arts and an obsession with flowers. Her flower arrangements mix colour and organic nature to create a stunning effect.

Le Blanc Florist provides a great variety of bouquets that incorporate different flowers, such as roses, sunflowers, tulips, lavenders, hydrangeas, gerberas, and many more. Whether you are shopping for your loved one’s birthday or the opening of their business, Le Blanc Florist indeed has a bouquet that fits your intended purpose. If you want fast delivery of your chosen bouquet, this flower shop can also provide you with that. It generally offers free delivery on every order that exceeds $80.

Customer Reviews

YC Yew

Order a bouquet named Little Nude Pink to a friend as a birthday gift. My friend loved the bouquet so much! The service is excellent and efficient even though we only contacted through Whatsapp. The staff also patiently answer my enquiries when checking for delivery location and other details. When the delivery comes, they will also inform while the bouquet is on the way of delivery until the receiver receives it. I would recommend Le Blanc Florist, and the price is affordable. The bouquet design is also clean and straightforward. If you have a gift for any occasion, this florist product could be your best option.

Jiazhen 67

Really great experience! Helpful, prompt and provided timely updates on order status and delivery. The arrangement was beautifully made as well.

Contact: +65 8571 7679
Location: Mactaggart Building, 42 MacTaggart Rd, #02-01F, Singapore 368086
Opening Hours: Daily 11AM-6PM

Petite Fleur

Petite Fleur

Image Credit: Petite Fleur

Petite Fleur is one of the leading florists in Singapore known for its fresh and eye-catching handcrafted flower bouquets. The flower shop has a team of creative and dedicated florists who have a keen eye for detail, colour, and design. They ensure that every flower arrangement made at the store is only of high quality.  They also only use premium flowers that last longer than the average blooms.

You can shop almost any kind of flower arrangement in Petite Fleur – from bouquets to floral boxes. Moreover, if you are looking for quick and hassle-free delivery of your floral gift, you can never go wrong with Petite Fleur. Aside from its excellent flower arrangements, the shop is also known for offering the best flower delivery services in the country. Their same-day delivery is truly a saviour for those pressed with time.

Customer Reviews

Chng Siwei

I have been purchasing bouquets from Petite Fleur since 2019 and can testify that they are the gold standard if you are looking for top quality bouquets as gifts for your loved ones. Bouquets delivered look exactly like the pictures you see on their social media and website or better. Customer service is impeccable as well. They are never impatient with you and always happy to accommodate super helpful requests, especially if you attempt to surprise someone. Thanks again, Petite Fleur! Keep up the excellent work!

Kayelle Y

Gorgeous, jaw-droppingly gorgeous flower arrangements and excellent customer service who went above and beyond to deliver happiness! I can second all the good reviews that what you see is what you get on their website (even the size!), and Patricia has excellent taste and is super reliable! Petitefleursg has surpassed my expectations, at least twice now, and more to come!

Contact: +65 9270 8473
Location: Primax Building, 22 New Industrial, Rd, #03-18/19, Singapore 536208
Opening Hours: Daily 8AM-5PM

That Flower Shop

That Flower Shop

Image Credit: That Flower Shop

That Flower Shop is another leading florist in Singapore that provides a wide variety of flowers and gifts for any occasion. Its flower arrangements are known for their beauty and affordability. The flower store consists of a team of professional florists who are always available to help people design stunning bouquets for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals, and other significant occasions. These flower bouquets usually come at affordable prices, so you do not have to worry much about your budget.

If you need a same-day flower bouquet delivery that is extra efficient and fast, you can also rely on That Flower Shop to fulfil your needs and demands. That Flower Shop will make sure that your order will reach your loved one on time. You do not have to wait for days to get your ordered flowers, as they will be delivered to your loved one right away.

Customer Reviews

Nursheila Muez

Really glad I chanced upon them online while searching for flowers! Prompt replies, helpful service and timely delivery! The staff also advised on the more long-lasting flowers and those that fit my budget.G

Jo Chan

Thanks to That Flower Shop for providing prompt delivery and beautiful orchid plants. I have used this florist many times to send flowers to my friends and family. If you have any queries, they are also speedy to respond. Great job, guys!

Contact: +65 6988 7427
Location: 82 Telok Blangah Dr, #01-42, Singapore 100082
Opening Hours: Daily 24 hours

Blooming Poet

Blooming Poet

Image Credit: Blooming Poet

Creativity and elegance are the prime offers of Blooming Poet’s flower bouquets. This famous flower shop in Singapore houses some of the most artistic and creative florists in the country who are romantics at heart and love literary and visual arts. If you are looking for flower arrangements with unusual themes and concepts inspired by the arts, Blooming Poet is one of your best options for a flower shop.

Apart from its luxurious flower designs, Blooming Poet can also provide you with the most convenient and fast same-day delivery, so you can make sure that you never miss a momentous occasion. Whenever you require a unique and memorable flower bouquet to complete your loved one’s celebration, Blooming Poet is always available to help you. It has an online shop where you can conveniently order or ask for assistance anytime.

Customer Reviews

Rienne Wan

Excellent service and luxurious blooms! Love the specially curated bouquet and prompt delivery; even though it was last minute, the seller accommodated! Thank you!

Vanessa Ng

Blooming Poet provides utmost care in customising its bouquets – even when I was unsure in picking what I wanted, its staff went all out, ensuring all my requests were catered to. I appreciate the meticulous care and service given, most of all their products’ outstanding quality and beauty. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! If you wish to pick a bouquet for a loved one with special requests in selecting quality flowers, Blooming Poet is your go-to choice for sure!

Contact:+65 9010 8571
Opening Hours: Daily 9AM-9PM


The availability of flower bouquet delivery services has now made it possible to send your loved ones beautiful and fresh bouquets anytime, anywhere. Indeed, nothing can make your loved one feel happier and extra special than by receiving a bunch of vibrant and fragrant blossoms. The flower bouquet delivery services mentioned in this article are some of the best ones you can find in Singapore, so make sure to check them out if you are planning to surprise your loved one with some fantastic florals!

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