5 Best Mobility Scooter Sources For Easy Maneuvering In SG

July 2, 2021
Best Mobility Scooter Singapore

A sturdy and comfortable mobility scooter can improve your quality of life significantly, whether it’s for older family members or in the event of an accident. Mobility scooters allow people with difficulties in moving freely to get around without the assistance of a caregiver. This technology is a great way to help people who haven’t been able to move on their own in a long time or who have been in an accident and need help getting around. In some ways, they can restore some of their independence and feel less burdened.

This list of the 5 best mobility scooter soources in Singapore might help you narrow down your choices. They are capable of providing long-term, short-term, and even repair services. You can expect high-quality service and a pleasant experience from all of these businesses, as they have all received favorable feedback from current and previous customers, and have that ease of moving around without needing much help.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Falcon Mobility

Image Credit: Falcon Mobility

Falcon Mobility is a leading provider of mobility scooters and wheelchairs for the elderly and physically impaired in Singapore. In 2007, the company was established. As a result of new commodities and regional distribution capabilities, it has become a more diverse organization. Through its subsidiary Falcon PEV Pte. Ltd., the Falcon group is currently a world leader in the Personal Mobility Devices (“PMDs”) sector, leveraging its core competence in electric mobility.

Mobility scooters are designed to help those who have been crippled or suffer from a debilitating condition regain some or all of their independence. Mobility Scooters in Singapore can pass through tight spaces and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Their products adhere to Land and Transport Authority (LTA) regulations, allowing you to use them on any of the country’s approved public paths. And that’s why Falcon Mobility is part of the 5 best mobility scooter sources for easy maneuvering in Singapore.

Customer Reviews

Desheon Teo

I bought FM10 Budget-Lite 4 wheel scooter for my dad who has difficulties walking and this proves to be one of the best investments ever. My dad is very happy that he has regained his mobility. He drives the scooter out to the market, to run errands and just anywhere in the neighborhood to catch some fresh air. The scooter is very easy to use. Highly recommended to anyone who needs mobility!

Sook Cheng Pang

Excellent service. Bought a foldable electronic scooter. Light weight yet offer mobility. Highly recommended.

Contact: +65 6774 7518
Location: 140 Paya Lebar Rd, #05-11 AZ Building, Singapore 409015
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM | Sat 10:30AM-4:30AM | Closed on Sun

2. MOBOT Pte. Ltd.

Image Credit: MOBOT

MOBOT is a group dedicated to finding the best solution for the last mile between available modes of transportation. Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) are today’s version of this approach. It includes bicycles, electric scooters, electric bicycles, mobility scooters, and a variety of other personal electric vehicles in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit individuals of all ages.

MOBOT provides the most economical and dependable electric scooters for people of all ages and needs, according to their website. You will see a wide range of mobility wheelchairs and scooters for all types of uses and users. Plus they also have excellent customer reviews for their outstanding customer service. If you need mobility scooters, then this is the company for you. Make sure to include them in your go-to company for your scooter need.

Customer Reviews

Tan Nicholas

Best experience ever had. Product knowledge and friendly staff.

Ezekiel Tan

da and Alan Lai are great staff who give excellent services! It’s a very pleasant experience with them!

Contact: +65 6538 2817
Location: 62 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 2, #03-01, 408734 (service center)
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 12-7PM | Closed on Mon

3. Senior Care

Image Credit: SeniorCare

SeniorCare is the largest online retailer of geriatric care products. To better care for your loved ones, they sell adult nutritional meal replacement shakes like Ensure, Glucerna, and Resource, incontinence care and adult diapers, mobility assistance, health supplements, toilet and bathroom aids, pressure relief, and more.

SeniorCare is more than just providing care and others products available for your elderly needs. Being able to take even a few steps will make it much easier to go around your house. Some people can take advantage of the cramped restroom space by grabbing the sink, the walls, or the grab bars. When standing or walking in the kitchen, counters may provide some support. However, once you step out of the house, it’s a different scenario. That’s where mobility scooters come in, and this company has that!

Customer Reviews

Yi Jun Kwok

Good information,  phone rang for sometime before i get to speak to someone but website live chat was fast and responsive

Tom Choo

Price is cheaper and excellent service. The staff is helpful to advise what to buy and how to install

Contact: +65 6219 5490
Location: 38 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 #02-11, Singapore 757700
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-4:30PM (excluding PH)

4. Rainbow Care Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Rainbow Care

Rainbow Care is a provider of high-end home care equipment. Rainbow Care, with a total team expertise of over 50 years, provides excellent service and product quality to all of its clients. Since its inception in 2008, this company has built a reputation for providing high-quality products and services while providing first-class customer service to understand each individual’s unique needs.

Rainbow Care has grown in reputation as a provider of high-quality products and services at reasonable prices to the general public, with a focus on low cost and outstanding cost-effectiveness for home care equipment. They have a couple of mobility scooters available as well. Check out their website to see whether one or both of them are on sale.

Customer Reviews

Jimmy Sng

Customer service personnels were courteous and ready to assist in any queries Or help needed. Keep up the good work always.

Dawn Suwanie Tan

Thank you for the very efficient and great service!

Contact: +65 6223 0904 | +65 6931 7425 | +65 8501 1878 (WhatsApp)
Location: 3007 Ubi Rd 1, #02-410, Singapore 408701
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Sun 9AM-5PM

5. Delcon Technology (S) Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Delcon Technology

Since 2008, Delcon Technology has been a leading mobility equipment provider in Singapore, specialized in motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters, as well as assistive and rehabilitation devices for the elderly and physically challenged.

They make unique ramps and barrier-free solutions for homes, businesses, and hotels. To better assist wheelchair users in and out of the house, we have recently added the mobile wheelchair platform lifter to our product line, which is available in both manual and motorized versions. They also have 3 wheel and 4 wheel mobility scooters for yours or your loved ones needs. Furthermore, Delcon Technology offers a variety of motorized wheelchair and mobility scooter accessories and parts, as well as repair and maintenance services. See their website and they may be able t assist you with mobility needs.

Customer Reviews


Highly Recommended!


Highly Recommended!

Contact: +65 6253 1129 | +65 9004 0013
Location: 2 Tukang Innovation Grove, #09-05 JTC Medtech Hub, Singapore 618305
Opening Hours: 24 Hours


The vast majority of people do not intend to buy mobility scooters. But, fingers crossed, you’ll want to be ready if an unanticipated disaster strikes and the scenario calls for it. To satisfy your needs, you can choose from any of these 5 best mobility scooter sources in Singapore for easy maneuvering.

Let’s hope you never have to cross that bridge, but if you do, these businesses listed above will certainly be able to help you. Please share this information with anybody you know who might benefit from this technology. This will undoubtedly make their lives more bearable.




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