5 Best Motion Graphics Companies For Growing Your Market

April 23, 2021
Best Motion Graphics Company Singapore

Are you looking to create a corporate video that you can use for your startup business? Maybe you want to promote your event. Whatever your reason for creating multimedia content, motion graphics companies can help you with that. You do not have to look for studios abroad to provide you with the service. There are studios in Singapore that can produce multimedia content that is creative, entertaining, and effective.

These video production services can help you with everything, from brainstorming and development of content to post-production. This means that they can develop, manage, and execute your project, ensure its quality, and make sure your vision and message are included in the final output. All you need to do is find the right motion graphics company for your needs. Lucky for you, we have made a list of the best motion graphics studios in Singapore

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. CraveFX

Image Credit: CraveFX

A fully fledged motion graphics, visual effects, and animation studio in Singapore, CraveFX is capable of helping you with your project from creating a concept to final render. They specialize in 2D & 3D animations, virtual reality, augmented reality,infographics, interactive video, visual effects, and motion graphics. Constantly pushing not only human creativity but also technology to the limit, CraveFX provides revolutionary graphics solutions which break with tradition as well as transcend expectations. Their team consists of art directors, motion graphic artists, 3D generalists, animators, illustrators, designers and producers.

They can easily create captivating designs and videos. Since the team works together under one roof, you can expect rapid turnaround as well as visual consistency. With their years of expertise, CraveFX can capitalize on the best techniques, software and technology when they produce world-class content. They will help you bring your ideas to reality, be it large-scale production-mapping, animated, or even simulated stop-motion.

Customer Reviews

Chan Huan Jun

Lovely office, great people. Top-notch animation. Also very easy to get to. Amicable and effective producers. Would recommend.

Jonathan Jabez

Really professional team, well hidden in Toa Payoh. Fast response, especially the business development people. Enjoyed working with them, and 100% will recommend to at least engage for a quote.

Contact: +65 6909 6089
Location: 625 Lor 4 Toa Payoh, #04-01, Singapore 319519
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri 10AM-7PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. Graphiss Media

Image Credit: Graphiss Media

This studio is a game-changer in the video production industry in Singapore. Graphiss Media provides clients locally and in the region with video production services that are perfectly suited for any size of project. They create videos for various purposes, from event coverage to corporate mainstays to Multi-camera live streams and multimedia content. Whatever the brief or task is, Graphiss Media leverages talent and technology to meet their client’s objectives.

Their outstanding in-house production team is passionate about their craft and works hard to perfect their skills through varied avenues like sunset drone flights and producing content for their dance crew. Graphiss Media can help you with achieving your goals through effective storytelling, and they ensure that your project is cost effective. Their experience in the field of motion graphics is not only on the small screen. They take things to the next level, using event LED screens, onsite displays, and more.

Customer Reviews

Natalie Chan

Bryan and his team are very professional. In the events industry everyone is very fast paced, Graphiss will always deliver and keep up with client’s needs. Great experience working with them!

Elizabeth Tan

Pleasant experience working with them for a couple of years! They are efficient, hardworking, and the end-product often exceeds my expectation! Recommended vendor for corporate videos, virtual event’s recording and excellent photography skill!

Contact: +65 9795 7705
Location: CT Hub 2, 114 Lavender Street, #10-86, Singapore 338729
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Cell-Media

Image Credit: Cell-Media

A leading digital learning company, Cell-Media specializes in unlocking the potential of people, teams and enterprises through custom-designed learning programs online with the use of the latest cloud-based technology. Their end-to-end platform lets you efficiently manage and report on training and safety data. It also allows you to easily update content regularly in order to meet your needs. Cell-Media aims to add value to your business through innovative and immersive multimedia programs that your employees can access so they could upgrade their skills and enhance their capability and knowledge.

The content and design experts of Cell-Media draw on their knowledge and technical expertise to produce personalised and high quality programs that are innovative, engaging, and cost-effective. At Cell-Media, their multimedia designers can create 2D and static and motion graphics that visually represent the information that you want your organisation to communicate.

Contact: +65 9665 9707
Location: Jit Poh Building,19 Keppel Road, #03-01, Singapore 089058
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri 8.30AM-5.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. StoryWorkz

Image Credit: StoryWorkz

A leading production house for corporate animation video, StoryWorkz crafts exceptional creative content through 2D and 3D animation as well as motion graphics. They are based in Singapore and use the latest techniques in order to produce excellent animations for different industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and insurance. There are unique requirements in each of these industries but StoryWorkz believes a great story captures the emotions of the audience and this is how they can impact each viewer’s decision regarding showcasing the products and services of a company.

In terms of choosing an animation style that suits your business, it can be hard to pick what to use motion graphics, 3D animation, or 2D animation. Their expert team will guide you through the process of making your decision and offer the best possible value to you. Whether it is for a one-time video or a long-term project, you will definitely benefit from the service StoryWorkz provides.

Contact: +65 9168 3622
Location: 1100 Lower Delta Road, #02-01, Singapore 169206

5. Emoxis

Image Credit: Emoxis

Founded in 2004, Emoxis is an award-winning company that produces 3D animation and post production services. Their clients include global advertising agencies as well as multinational corporations that need animatics, stilomatics, infographics, tv commercials, corporate internal presentations, multimedia video production, film animation, visual effects, motion graphics design and audio services. Emoxis understands that it is important for their clients to look good when increasing awareness for their brand, hitting KPIs, achieving sales targets, or delivering a successful presentation.

This is why Emoxis makes sure that clients’ projects are delivered reliably and beautifully. They will assign you to your very own producer from day one and you will work with them directly. They will make sure they understand your project requirements, target audience, budget, and timeline, so they provide you with quality service. They specialize in motion graphics and 3d animations and for all projects, the post production stage is all in-house; ensuring that they control the final output’s quality.

Contact: +65 6338 0422
Location: 190 Middle Rd, Singapore 188979


Whether you want an impactful corporate animation or an eye-catching video that will complement a new marketing campaign, the motion graphics companies listed above will convert your idea into beautiful motion graphics. You can make your content production stand out by partnering with the said studios. Get in touch with them and you will see that working with them is one of the best decision you can do to grow your business or expand your brand awareness.


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