5 Best High Quality P6 Test Papers To Utilize In SG

June 8, 2021
Best P6 Test Papers Singapore

PSLE preparation can be stressful for both children and parents. From the perspective of the parents, it is assisting the child in being the person they should be. As a result, parents have made it a habit to scour the internet for P6 PSLE test papers that meet the Ministry of Education’s requirements. Singapore has the top scoring primary and secondary students in both science and math subjects in the international setting. Keeping up with this respected educational caliber is a real challenge.

In the eyes of the kid, however, it is about making their parents happy. Academic success is still important, and this includes doing well on the PSLE and having confidence while taking it. Here are 5 best high-quality P6 test papers to utilize and help you be ready for that much awaited exam.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. PhD Education

Image Credit: Phd Education

PhD Education has been in operation for 11 years and has lived up to its reputation. To ensure that their P6 free test papers you downloaded are of good quality, check that they meet the following criteria: SA1 and SA2 are organized by topic; there should be an accurate solution and a description for each phase of the solution process; and, finally, you must ensure that the syllabus is current, as MOE updates the syllabus every six years for all subjects.

If you’re uncertain of what PhD Education promises, do not worry because their free test papers and non-free test papers meet these requirements. Their team consists of experienced authors and editors who have published books in the educational market that are in high demand. Go to their website and download those free test papers to reduce the amount of work you have to do.

Customer Reviews

I purchased the O Levels A Math Volume A last year and found it very good.

I thought that your volume A was great, all the questions were well constructed and had little to no flaws.

Contact: +65 9784 3121
Location: 21 Woodlands Close, #09-10 Primz BizHub, Singapore 737854
Operating Hours: 24 Hours through WhatsApp

2. Smile Tutor

Image credit: Smile Tutor

Smile Tutor provides tuition services to those who need it or who wish to learn more. They give free test papers on their website, despite the fact that they are a tutorial company. Simply click the search icon and type in what you’re looking for, and it will take you to your desired location. They have a diverse selection of papers to choose from. They also provide notes to assist you in studying and verifying information. They do, in reality, have a very user-friendly website.

Smile Tutor also has interesting reads on student advice, exam and research tips if you want anything other than the free test papers for P6. There is also a list for parents and tutors on top of that. If you ask me, this was a very fascinating and noteworthy read.

Customer Reviews

Ms. Fizah
My child can now tackle Algebra with confidence.

You always deliver and are spot on!

Contact: +65 6266 4475
+65 90144201 (WhatsApp)
Location: WCEGA Tower 21 Bukit Batok Crescent #22-76/77 S658065
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-8PM

3. Joss Sticks

Image Credit: Joss Sticks

Joss Sticks has a fascinating history. Ms. Loi, the founder, is running the business, and her life’s mission is to wipe the Last-Minute Buddha Foot Hugging (LMBFH) Syndrome from the face of the earth. That is why her heart is referred to as a temple. She was also among the first group of Singapore’s Top 5 Super Tutors, who were profiled in the Sunday Times in 2008.

She’s been in the industry for 30 years, and hopefully more, because she loves what she does. She has worked with students from various backgrounds. She specializes in Secondary School Mathematics/O Level Additional Mathematics (A Maths) and may cite questions that might occur on upcoming tests or exams. As a result, she creates exam materials that enable students to feel comfortable taking exams. She offers a number of packages to choose from, so take a look at what Joss Sticks is have for your P6 test papers.

Customer Reviews

Chai P.
Every time I go home I will feel extremely good, like having undergone some enlightenment!

Gina G.

Contact: +65 9380 5290
Location: 157A Thomson Rd, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Singapore 307610
Operating Hours: Mon 2–6PM | Thu 3:30–6:30PM | Fri 3–7:30PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-7PM | Tue-Wed Closed

4. PracticePaperLess

Image Credit: PracticePaperLess

PracticePaperLess is an intriguing organization because it is made up of parents who successfully assisted two children in primary school. They agree that practice test papers are critical to children’s success, and they want to share their knowledge with other parents and children. They automate the papers so that you can work on them as many times as you want without having to print, label, or maintain any physical papers. According to their website.

PracticePaperless helps us to exercise using less paper, saving trees and helping the environment in the process at the same time providing P6 test papers for your needs.. This is excellent activism, particularly since they are able to address four issues in a single act. That is, going paperless saves trees, which helps the climate, as well as assisting in practice exam papers to parents and children. That’s incredible!

Customer Reviews

Sonali D.

Ashwii P.

Operating Hours: 24 Hours through Facebook Messenger

5. The Learning Space

Image Credit: The Learning Space

The Learning Space also provides excellent test articles, including P6 test papers. Yeah, they do have a number of free test papers available for download. So, if you want to give it a try, download the free materials and evaluate it for yourself. They also have upcoming test schedules for PSLE, GCE N-Levels, GCE O-Levels, and GCE A-Level, as well as some good reads on their blog to assist you with what to do after your O-level results are out.

For all you test takers, here are some gentle reminders from The Learning Space: practice makes better. Test materials can assist you in achieving the desired score on any exams you take. It will teach you how to respond to questions and how to handle your time while doing so. There’s also a possibility you’ll be asked the same question twice, which will boost your morale because you already know the answer. Grab these P6 test papers and be on your way of getting high remarks on your PSLE.

Customer Reviews

Melissa Chew
My children have been using these materials since they were 3 year olds. Now they are in Primary 2 and still downloading the materials. It helps them in the subjects which they may not fully understand in school.

Ethan Thomas
Hi I would like to share that this has helped me build my confidence in Math and from failing. Just want to say that I’m really happy to have found this resource.

Contact: +65 9166 9936
Location: 511 Guillemard Rd, Singapore 399849
Operating Hours: 24 Hours


Exam planning can be aided by using test sheets. This aids in the development of time management abilities, self-assurance, and preparation. Obtaining one, however, is not easy. Yes, there are many websites where you can download free test papers, but there’s always the risk that they aren’t legitimate or up to date.

Hopefully, these featured 5 Best High Quality P6 PSLE Test Papers in Singapore have alleviated any concerns you might have about the test’s reliability and validity. Have fun answering!

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