5 Best Payday Loan In Singapore To Receive Quick Assistance

December 8, 2021
Best Payday Loan Singapore

It is not uncommon to be short on cash before our next payday. After all, saving can be a challenging endeavour when stumped with a plethora of bills or other financial obligations. Luckily for residents in Singapore, there are ways to help mitigate these issues.

Payday loans can help employees in Singapore by providing cash assistance. A payday loan is then repaid during the next following salaries of the individual. Benefits include quick loan processing time and favourable repayment options towards the availed. Here are our top 5 picks on Singapore’s best payday loan providers.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Orange Credit

Image Credit: Orange Credit

Meeting a customer’s objective is at the forefront of the Singapore payday loan provider, Orange Credit. Established during the early 2010s, the business has been providing financial assistance to those in need.  The organisation has established a large client base by conducting hassle-free transactions. When taking a payday loan from Orange Credit, clients are clearly shown the agreement’s details without the need to settle for any other additional fees. This is just one of the few ways the organisation does business to help build mutual trust between both parties.

Singapore customers will have peace of mind when availing of a payday loan from Orange Credit. The financial provider understands the complications when being short on cash before salary has been received and mitigates this by funding money directly into the borrower’s account, which can be utilised immediately.

Customer Reviews

Dayana Rahayu

Service rendered was excellent and professional. Very helpful and informative too. Thank you!

Soh TS

After reviewing and searching on the licensed money lender for few months and I decided to choose Orange credit. I had make the right choice with the lowest interest rate and convenient location. The staffs are friendly. Grace one of the staff assisted me and help me on the loan. The duration is efficient. She went thru my documents and the need of the fund carefully to cater my comfort. The fund was transferred to my account immediately with lowest interest rate compared to other company.

Contact: +65 6748 2320
Location: 810 Geylang Rd, City Plaza, #01-91 , Singapore 409286
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sun

2. Raffles Credit

Image Credit: Bugis Credit

Raffles Credit claims to take the top spot when it comes to money lending services in Singapore. These services are inclusive of but not limited to payday loans amongst other loan types. The moneylender takes a step ahead of competitors by offering loan plans that are considered superior to other businesses engaged in the same industry. Raffles Credit has extended its services to more than a thousand individuals within Singapore. Regardless of prior borrowing history, the payday loan provider believes everyone in Singapore should have the opportunity to avail of financial assistance.

Lightning speed transactions and just a half-hour verification process are one of the guarantees Raffles Credit makes as a moneylender who provides payday loans. Another is offering a repayment process that best services payday loan providers without being hassled.

Contact: +65 6235 1788
Location: 17A Circular Road, Singapore 049373
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30AM-8PM | Sat-Sun 10.30AM-4.30PM

Customer Reviews

Cheng Chuang

Very professional staff with excellent customer service level. Explained details and tried their best to customise plans to fit customer needs. It’s a very satisfactory experience, sure will adopt their service next time when needed.

Ang Nelson

Service is top notch, time efficient and hassle free. Get the help that i need to finance on some important commitments. Thumbs up to jane for her patience. Thanks!

3. Katong Credit

Image Credit: Katong Credit

Katong Credit understands that asking for a loan only to be shot down is a tiresome experience. And on the rare occasions where financial assistance is approved, customers are often met with difficult interest rates which are hard to repay. Even though a customer has a bad credit background, Katong Credit gives opportunities to those in need. The lender was built on the ideals of holding honest business and being passionate about helping the needy in Singapore.

Payday loans from Katong Credit are designed to be quick and easy. It can be argued that its interest rates of payday loans are amongst the best in Singapore. The staff employed by the organisation embody the ideals set in place by the establishment, which is one of integrity. By offering flexible deals, many individuals in Singapore can meet their financial needs.

Contact: +65 6291 2210
Location: 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza #02-30/31, Singapore 238863
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM |  Sun Closed

Customer Reviews

Alvin Koh

Upon entering their company, staff will greet and assist you from the start. Since then, I’ve been taking loan from Katong Credit for almost 2 years and they have a very professional and good service skill. I would recommend people to come here if are looking for a loan. 10/10

Mithun Sugu

good service by the staff ang are very attentive to my loan application

4. Max Credit

Image Credit: Max Credit

Max Credit has seen the troubling economic conditions which have brought downfall to many residents in Singapore. As a business engaged in moneylending and financial assistance, Max Credit has built its services to provide various types of loans targeted to meet the immediate cash needs of deprived individuals. These loan types are classified as personal, business, and payday loans, among other services.

Customers can avail of Max Credit’s payday loan through physical appointments or can even have it conducted from the luxury of their own homes by utilising the organisation’s website. The enterprise allows Singapore customers to avail themselves of payday loans via online channels. Requirements include being of legal age and having a job as proof of responsibility. Some may assume that the payday loan process from Max Credit is a tedious task, but it is a smooth procedure that lasts minutes.

Contact: +65 6336 4144
Location: 1 Sophia Road #02-05 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 10AM-7PM | Closed on Sun

Customer Reviews

Henricson Lee

Choose your money lender wisely. Had a lot of problems dealing with those problematic ones. Max Credit was definitely much better than the any money lender i have dealt with so far. Kudos team and keep up the good work.

Daniel Pohh

Highly recommended for anyone in needs of urgent cash. They got my problem sorted out just within that 30 minutes coming down their shop. Thumbs up mate. will intro you guys around.

5. QV Credit

Image Credit: QV Credit

QV credit has an average daily transaction rate in Singapore of just under a hundred loans processed every business day. A few of these loans are payday loans. The establishment is appropriately licensed under the protocols of Singapore, wherein the financial provider has served thousands of clients over its operating period, which has spanned over more than a decade. The payday loans are available to varying income earners within Singapore, including lower waged individuals.

Payday loans from QV credit have a high percentage of passing. By taking these payday loans, a Singaporean individual doesn’t have to risk being exposed to loss of materials as no collateral will need to be provided.  These payday loans can be repaid by deducting the next salary the borrower will receive.

Contact: +65 6835 7666
Location:  Burlington Square, 175A Bencoolen St, #11-08, Singapore 189650
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 11AM-4PM | Closed on Sun

Customer Reviews

Hilal Rapani

Service is prompt and quick, reminders of upcoming payments are a big help. Any issues with payments are also easily settled. Highly recommended

Raymond Ng

QV Credit is understandable and willingly to cater to your needs when required. Do approach them if you need any financial assistance. They willing to listen and come up with a suitable loan proposal for you. Keep up the good work.


In emergencies due to unfortunate or unforeseen events, it can be challenging to scrounge cash promptly. Shifts in the economy have also led to challenging financial situations that are hard to cope with. Luckily for the people in Singapore, quality licensed moneylenders can assist individuals through payday loans during these challenging times.

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