5 Best Personal Loan In Singapore To Settle Urgent Matters

July 29, 2021
Best Personal Loan Singapore

From the name itself, a personal is a type of financial assistance which can be directed for a variety of intentions including making a purchase for a particular reason or even having to settle other obligations. The amount is usually minimal compared to other types of loans and is charged with an interest fee upon repayment.

Personal loans are different to other loans which are tailored to specific reasons. It is considered more flexible compared to other loans and can be a popular choice for many in Singapore. Below is a list of the top 5 personal loan providers in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Orange Credit

Image Credit: Orange Credit

Mutual trust is the foundation of Orange Credit’s services as a premiere financial assistance provider in the Island of Singapore. The employees of Orange Credit are passionate in helping those in need. In fact, many clients have given the organisation positive reviews for their excellent service. Clients who have availed of the reputable establishment’s personal loans are more than comfortable enough to take up their other loan types as well and have even gone on to recommend their services to their friends and relatives.

Those who are interested in a personal loan with Orange Credit will be ecstatic to find out that it does not require involvement of collateral. This does not only speed up the expedition of processing the personal loan but grants comfort to availing individuals. Orange Credit can be considered as the best destination for personal loans in Singapore in addition to other services which require financial assistance as well.

Customer Reviews

Paul Gill

I’m grateful for the professional and patience service that Orange Credit staffs provided. I now have a full understanding of the terms in the loan contract. Definitely recommend to those who need help in their rainy days. Thumbs up!

Tan Gerald

Thanks Orange Credit and Grace for the responsiveness and professionalism. Given that i had multiple loans, Grace shared with me the perks of a debt consolidation loan which allowed me to resolve the other outstanding loans at a much more competitive rate. Highly recommended.

Contact: +65 6748 2320
Location: 810 Geylang Rd, City Plaza, #01-91 , Singapore 409286
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sun

2. BST Credit

Image Credit: BST Credit

BST Credit seeks to help individuals in Singapore meet their personal financial assistance needs without having to rely on friends or family. These can be accomplished by transacting in the office or from the luxury of one’s own home in Singapore by utilising their online services. Designed to be simple and fast, BST credit prides itself in their customer service which has helped improve the lives of many. Singapore residents with specific needs can be accommodated through speaking with their designated loan consultants who are able to formulate the best personal loan payment plan.

Addressing urgent cash needs are the centre of personal loan services offered by BTS Credit. With the Singapore client in mind, the establishment is dedicated to make a seamless experience when acquiring a personal loan. The personal loan is especially useful in catering to those in Singapore who would need it for peculiar reasons.

Customer Reviews

Nur Aqylaa

Fast loan. Staffs are all friendly. They will give you the rate to your own convenience.

Raf Rin

Very good customer service and polite handled by young and energetic ladies. Hassel free transactions. Recommended.

Contact: +65 6299 1782
Location:  Jurong Gateway Rd, Blk 131, #01-251, Singapore 600131
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | Closed on Sun

3. Bugis Credit

Image Credit: Bugis Credit

Bugis Credit presents itself as being a reliable establishment in Singapore which offers financial assistance such as personal loans. The organisation takes upon the mission of being there for individuals in need of cash emergencies. The internal standard that the provider sets for itself is of grave importance to the organisation who sets the customer as their centre of attention.

When it comes to the personal loans of Singapore establishment Bugis Credit, an individual is allowed to request for an amount which is more than a multiple of 6 times more than their salary. Clients in Singapore even have the opportunity avail of discounted rates on their personal loan should they decide earlier than the stated repayment dates. Furthermore, the personal loan can be utilised for a variety of different reasons including having to settle other pending balances.

Customer Reviews

Rs O

Reliable, efficient and comfortable. Great service and hosting of customers. The experience from entering the office to settling the administrative loan was welcoming and smooth. Albee, thanks for making my visit effortless n ease. You have exhibited great devotion of professionalism and customer care. Keep up the great work Bugiscredit.

Jing Jing

Very good service, staff is responsive and very polite. Specially thank the staff who serve me with professional and good hospitality. My financial turnover got sucessfully resolved. Got the loan approved in promp. Thanks Jen for the help.

Contact: +65 6345 9123
Location:  470 North Bridge Rd, Bugis Cube, #02-12, Singapore 188735
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat-Sun 11AM-3PM

4. R2D Credit

Image Credit: R2D Credit

With over a thousand of online positive reviews, R2D Credit may be a name already familiar with many individuals. The organisation ensures to meet the legal obligations of the Singapore government when conducting business in order to assure individuals they are in trustworthy hands. R2D gives its best effort regardless of the amount a person has requested for their personal loan.

Not even having to require a background check on credit scores, R2D has a speedy process in terms of its personal loans. The personal loans are claimed to be of low interest rate and easy to acquire. Singapore residents are able to benefit from repayment terms which are tailored to their needs. R2D not only wants to supply individuals with personal loans for the sake of financial assistance, but to build a blueprint towards financial prosperity.

Customer Reviews

Abu Bakar

Very efficient service. Friendly counter staff assist me with all my difficult request. Will refer more friends in need to them. Best moneylender I encounter!

Azwan Shukor

My whole process only take around 10mins. The very friendly officer Jacob assist me with the loan , explain very detailed to me and making sure i understand everything correctly. Best moneylender in yishun for their attitudes

Contact: +65 6635 1596
Location: Blk 846 Yishun Ring Road #01-3661, Singapore, 760846
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11.30AM-7.30PM | Sat 11.30AM-6PM | Sun Closed

5. Capital Funds Investment

Image Credit: Capital Funds Investment

Capital Funds Investments or CFI for short, is an accredited personal loan provider in the island of Singapore. The establishment is well versed of unfortunate situations which may cause individuals to seek for quick financial solutions whether for business or personal reasons. Unlike tedious loan processes with banks, Capital Funds Investments creates hassle free transactions in order to properly cater to the needs of Singapore residents and businessmen.  The process is said to only take a few hours after completing the simple form provided by the licensed moneylender.

The personal loans offered by Capital Funds Investment is targeted to help individuals with personal reasons which can range from allocating money towards completing a project, home renovations, or simply needing to acquire cash assistance. Individuals who have difficulty in acquiring a loan from banks can have a peace of mind when availing of this Singapore financial provider’s personal loan as the organisation places an emphasis on finding the best solution in helping those in financial need.

Customer Reviews

Low Benjamin

Had a great experience with CFI, offering competitive rates for personal loan. Very fast and efficient from stepping into office to getting loan approved. Highly recommended in view of the personable staff and competitive rates offered.

Daniel Rayyan

Very professional staff here. Came down without knowing if the loan was going to be approved but apparently it was! Was assisted by Ximin and she explained everything to me swiftly and in detailed. Went back with my loan. Happy customer here. Will definitely come back and recommend to my friends and colleagues.

Contact: +65  6281 7736
Location: Centre, Singapore 408559
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-8PM | Sat 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sun


Personal loans can range to a wide number of uses including for emergencies, unforeseen events or paying for a project amongst several other reasons. The best personal loans in Singapore being able to be given in a quick period of time in order to settle pressing emergencies in addition to a repayment plan which is sustainable. Only a handful of providers in Singapore are able to meet this criteria.

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