5 Best Pest Control Firms In SG To Deal With Pesky Intruders

April 19, 2021
Best Pest Control Singapore

Let’s face it no matter how we try to keep our homes and offices neat and tidy, there is still a chance that we will run into pest problems. There are several kinds of pests that may invade our living quarters and workplaces, and there are different reasons why they choose to make a home in our space. However, there is only one thing we all want to happen – for pests to go away, forever if possible.

Of course, you can deal with pests on your own. However, if you want to get rid of them in a hassle-free, guaranteed effective way, you need to go to the professionals. They are experts in this kind of thing and have a proven track record. Word of caution, though, not all pest control services are created equal. To make your life easier, we have listed some of the best pest control service providers in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. PestClinic

Image Credit: PestClinic

An established pest control company in Singapore, PestClinic has over three decades of experience. Combined with their proven expertise, they are committed to providing quality pest control services at affordable rates. Countless companies and clients have used the different pest control services that PestClinic offers for their residential, commercial and industrial properties. PestClinic incorporates the latest technology and techniques in pest control into established traditions in order to make sure they practise the most effective pest control methods.

They have specialised service personnel who are trained and NEA-certified and who provide the most effective, safest, and cleanest methods in pest control no more worrying about needing to remove many bodies of terminated pests all over your home or workplace. In addition, their service personnel or pest control methods will not leave behind a large mess. Once they leave, everything will be exactly as before except that there won’t be any pests. 

Customer Reviews

Kinty Zhou

Great service overall. Very responsive and accommodating to my landlord tailored requests. The technician, Pater Mathews, was very patient and detail oriented. Went through the whole apartment with careful inspection and Very detailed procedures. Plus, he has gone through all the potential safety issues with me in terms of what types of the chemicals they used. Strongly recommend.

Lee Wei Bin

Awesome service from PestClinic. We have been working with them for a few months and so far so good. Recently we had a very pungent smell in our premise. Suspecting that it was a dead rodent, the dispatch team swiftly sent down their technician on the same day the issue was raised. Luckily there was no rodent, but the other pests have been dealt with. Appreciate the fast response!

Contact: +65 6397 5677
Location: 3 Ubi Avenue 3, #05-03A, Singapore 408857
Opening Hours: 8.30AM-6PM Daily

2. Top Pest Control

Image Credit: Top Pest Control

This premier Singapore-based pest control company offers the most effective services to meet your pest control needs. From rodents to termites, Top Pest Control provides a variety of solutions which target the problem’s root, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Their staff is knowledgeable about the common pests in Singapore and well-trained in various pest control methods. Top Pest Control believes that knowledge is power, and they use their extensive expertise to deal with pests.

They are determined to find the most suitable methods of pest control for your home or business. They have dedicated staff who make sure your experience with their service is satisfactory. They use their years of training and experience in designing a specialised program to meet your specific pest control needs. Whether it is your home or your place of business, Top Pest Control will provide excellent on-site pest treatments administered by professionally trained technicians.

Customer Reviews

Riley Lucas

The team worked with was very professional and knowledgeable. They came out numerous times to make sure our problem was eradicated. Would highly recommend Top pest control.

Sanford Blake

I have used top pest control’s services for both wasp nest treatment and mole control. They are friendly, professional, and provide service which is value for money!

Contact: +65 6246 2893
Location: Ecentre@Redhill, 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, #08-12, Singapore 159471
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

3. Four Solutions Pest Division

Image Credit: Four Solutions Pest Division

Four Solutions Pest Division was established with the aim to solve pesky pest problems in a fast and effective way. They provide a variety of pest control services to meet all the needs of their clients and they work towards better managing these pest issues. They provide the most effective method to save time. They also find the cause of the problem to solve the issue in the safest and most reliable way. The services they offer include a bed bug elimination program, the elimination of cockroaches, ants and flies, getting rid of rodents, a termite elimination program, car fogging and fumigation, mold and fungi removal, and even grass trimming.

The Four Solutions Pest Division team are prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable. They arrive on time and are very thorough. They also do their best to minimize mess or damage to furniture. They also explain to the client what they are doing.

Customer Reviews

Benjamin Gabriel

Great service and after care. Got rid of pests and moulds and house as good as new.

Orgeva App

Engaged them to clear our office of pests and sanitise the place and they did a wonderful job!

Contact: +65 8778 8080
Location: T-Space, 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #08-57, S528559
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun & PH

4. Innovative Pest Management

Image Credit: Innovative Pest Management

From being a one-man team in a shared office space, Innovative Pest Management is now an eleven man team with their own office and seven vehicles. They have been awarded Bizsafe 3 by the Ministry of Manpower, and they are also certified by the Building Construction Authority. At Innovative Pest Management, they love what they do and strive to solve all of your pest problems. Their approach to pest control is unique in Singapore because they persevere to permanently end your pest problem and not just simply manage and mask the symptoms. They understand that you want your pest problem taken care of as soon as possible, so they do same-day inspection. Innovative Pest Management makes sure to keep themselves updated with the latest techniques and technology in pest control because they know that in order to deal with pests that evolve with time, they have to upgrade their knowledge and skills as well.

Customer Reviews

Airhubz Team

Great company! We just renewed our pest control contracts for our outlet in Singapore. These guys have helped us to control a nasty mosquito and rat problem in our first 6 months with them, and the service is still outstanding. Imo, the best pest control in Singapore.

Syafiqah Salim 

Provides great service, pretty punctual every month. Appreciate that they give feedback for rooms for improvement after every check.

Contact: +65 6100 5266
Location: Pantech Business Hub, 192 Pandan Loop, #05-24, Singapore 128381
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

5. Absolve Pest Control

Image Credit: Absolve Pest Control

Striving to be Singapore’s top choice for pest control, Absolve Pest Control (APC) provides pest management services of the highest standard across Singapore.  They value their clients, so they do everything to keep your home and business safe from pests. They provide general domestic pest control for cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites ,and rodents, among others. They offer a warranty for their termite treatments, provide onsite quotes and respond to an urgent call out as well. APC offers a professional and reliable commercial pest control service to different types of Singapore businesses.

All of their pest management programmes are HACCP as well as Foodsafe compliant. APC provides a one-stop solution for the pest and termite control needs of builders. They offer customized solutions for new construction, maximizing the marketability and value of the construction. Their dedicated staff also helps builders stay on schedule.

Customer Review

Lilian Tan

Finally a solution to the problem at home. Many cockroaches come out at night and we really believe it’s from the rubbish chute, the condo pest control disappoints us. After we engage Absolve, we don’t see the baby roaches anymore.

Contact: +65 6901 1105
Location: Pioneer Junction, 3 Soon Lee Street, #04-12, Singapore 627606
Opening Hours: 24 Hours


Pests are never welcome – be it in homes or in workplaces. A pest invasion can end up costing you a lot of money if it is not dealt with promptly and managed effectively. However, you do not have to battle these invaders yourself. You can hire professionals who have the knowledge, skills, and right equipment to get rid of pests effectively. In Singapore, there are many pest control services you can hire but the ones listed here are some of the best. Give them a call if you are having any pest problems.

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