6 Best Primary School Exam Papers In Singapore To Work On

June 7, 2021
Best Primary School Exam Papers Singapore

Singapore takes pride in being hailed as one of the high ranking countries in educational outcome. This means that the country has consistently produced top notched students. The Ministry Education together with its partners works hard to continuously be better year after year. Primary education in the country lasts for 6 six years which focuses on having a grip on English language, mother tongue language (instruction in mother tongue language is available for Chinese, Malay and Tamil speaking students), and mathematics.

With these respects it is only fitting that parents acquire and primary students practice on best school papers. In this article, we have collected a list of organizations where you can gather these test materials to help you and your child can use to improve their skill and knowledge in primary school curriculum. Check out the list you might be familiar with one or two of these agencies.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. PhD Education

Image Credit: Phd Education

Yes, they offer free test papers that you can download and they also have their own top exam papers for primary students. They offer different packages for Primary 5, Primary 6, and P6 PSLE. And they are not even done yet. They have a lot of offers so better check their website and select which ones you need t help enhance your child’s knowledge and skill of the foundation subjects.

At PhD Education, you will learn how to boost brain power with the right revisions and techniques, learn the primary level science through the inquiry process and so much more. Definitely your brain cells will have a heyday exercising and interacting with each other.

Customer Reviews

I purhcased the O Levels A Math Volume A last year and found it very good.

I though that your volume A was great, all the questions were well constructed and had little to no flaws.

Contact: +65 9784 3121
Location: 21 Woodlands Close, #09-10 Primz BizHub, Singapore 737854
Operating Hours: 24 Hours through WhatsApp

2. Open Schoolbag

Image Credit: Open Schoolbag

It has a wide array of collections and a complete one stop shop for quality education materials and resources for children ages 2 to 18 years old, as per the website. The company prides itself as being the only complete e-commerce platform for education materials and resources. They also have a wide range of educational children toys, enrichment and assessment books.

Since the company claims to have complete education materials and resources coming from different publications, therefore they also have top exam papers for primary students. They aim to provide top educational materials at affordable prices. Hurry and see what they have for you.

Customer Reviews

Dawn C.

Kristell L.

Contact: +65 8264 4750
Location: 1 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, #02-07 AMK Tech 1, 568049
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM, excluding Singapore holidays

3. PracticePaperLess

Image Credit: PracticePaperLess

This is an interesting organization because they are composed of parents who helped two children in their primary school successfully. They believe practice test papers play a major role in children’s success, and want them to help other parents and children. They automate the papers so that you can practice on it unlimited times without having to worry about printing, marking and maintaining any physical papers. As per their website.

I guess PracticePaperless encourages us to lessen or lower down our usage of paper and in the same way save the trees and help our environment. This is a very good advocacy especially that they are able to hit four causes with one act. That is being paperless, saving the trees, in return helping the environment, and helping parents and children with practice exam papers. Now, that is awesome!

Customer Reviews

Sonali D.

Ashwii P.

Operating Hours: 24 Hours through Facebook Messenger

4. Raffles.Guru

Image Credit: Ruffles.Guru

As per the website, this is a one stop portal for online educational resources for Singapore Math, English, Science and Tamil subjects. You can download test papers, worksheets and study guides. You can also access their online practice tests with thousands of challenging questions with answers and step-by-step explanations.

On top of those mentioned, your child can also learn Tamil language by enrolling through Tamil Learning Centre. You can enroll your child starting from Nursery to Secondary level. Tamil Learning Centre is MOE registered and is said to be the first and the largest premium private institution in Singapore. They are branches in four different locations, namely Little India, Jurong East, Yishun and Tampines. On their website, scroll down and look for Tamil Tuition, click on the link and it will route you on things you want to know about the centre.

Customer Reviews

Nika R.


Contact: +65 6618 6567
Location: Viva trust, 11 Lor 3 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319579
Operating Hours: 24 Hours through Facebook Messenger

5. Kiasu Exam Paper

Image Credit: Kiasu Exam Paper

A good strategy of getting high grades is to practice past exercises. This company provides latest soft copies of past year exam papers for Primary School and claims to have the cheapest rates of past year exam papers. If you are in doubt then browse their website and compare if they really do have lower rates compared from the others.

Kiasu Exam Paper offers a long list of primary exam papers to choose from. Get a chance to practice on these exam papers by checking the free materials that they offer. Or better purchase the latest exam papers that they have. They have an updated list of 2020 exam papers. Explore the site and you might like a thing or two.

Customer Reviews

Zhi Y.
It is the greatest website to download references!

Boonchye T.

Contact: +65 8866 0031 (no phone calls)
Location: Viva trust, 11 Lor 3 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319579
Operating Hours: 24 Hours through WhatsApp

6. Joss Sticks

Image Credit: Joss Sticks

Ms. Loi  belongs to the pioneer batch of Singapore’s Top 5 Super Tutors featured on the Sunday Times way back in 2008. With this esteemed recognition it is just fitting that she is able to produce top primary exam papers. Drop by her “temple” (centre) and inquire on the wonderful things that she can do to students coming from different backgrounds and all walks of life.

Her practice of 30 years and counting is proof enough that she is able to do wonders to students who are struggling and excelling. She specializes in Singapore’s Secondary School Mathematics/O Level Additional Mathematics (A Maths) curricula but she also offers Primary exam materials.

Customer Service

Chai P.
Every time I go home I will feel extremely good, like having undergone some enlightenment!

Gina G.

Contact: +65 9380 5290
Location: 157A Thomson Rd, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Singapore 307610
Operating Hours: Mon 2–6PM | Thu 3:30–6:30PM | Fri 3–7:30PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-7PM | Tue-Wed Closed


If you are looking for the best primary school exam papers in Singapore, the 6 organizations listed above should narrow down your choices. Go ahead, review the sites, send them a message to inquire and start using the much needed worksheets to enhance foundational skills.

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