4 Best PSG Approved Agencies For Digital Marketing Needs

December 3, 2021
Best PSG Approved Agencies Singapore

Digital marketing has seen an upward trend, especially notable in the past decade. Different agencies have thus sprung up to address this need, and it is no longer an area of interest of big corporations and organisations. Smaller organisations and SMEs are now aware of the potential benefits that digital marketing strategies can add to their business but aren’t sure where to start.

Cue the Productive Solutions Grant (PSG) that the Singapore government has provided to incentivise smaller companies to start thinking about their business regarding the digital landscape. While such solutions might be costly in most cases, the PSG can alleviate up to 80% of such costs and kick start any business by arming them with pre-qualified IT solutions, all done to enhance their business efficiency and productivity. So here are 4 of the listed PSG approved digital agencies that you can engage in to provide expert solutions to your digital marketing needs.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Impossible Marketing

Image Credit: Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing has served many clients over the past 10 years, possessing a track record of starting long-term digital solutions campaigns for SMEs and larger organisations. They have also gained attention through multiple awards, including the number 1 Performing Marketing Agency Of The Year as listed by Marketing Magazine 2021 and Top Seo Company in Singapore in 2021 by

While many marketing agencies aim to serve more prominent clients, Impossible Marketing caters to clients of all walks. This has allowed them to work with many SMEs and small business owners, helping them with their Lead Generation and their Search Engine Marketing needs. Their experience across a vast spectrum of industries and businesses of all sizes grant them the flexibility in serving their clients and gives them keen insight into the expansion of their digital marketing strategies.

Customer Reviews

Albert Tan

I engaged IM as my SEM solutions provider since March 18. Before this,I have average leads of only between 5-8 per month. In less than 6 months until 31 August 2021, the IM team has helped me achieve between 10-20 leads. The month of August was 21 leads. I am happy with the work they have done for me so far and is pleased with their quick turnaround and always being there to strategise for me. I have no hesitation in recommending their service to anyone who needs SEM service.

Benny Chow

Impossible Marketing is genuinely a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency in Singapore that I genuinely trust. Alan has always been transparent and does not hold back, I attended his course, and the results show solid improvement. The agency does not hesitate to answer your queries and questions before, during and even after sales. If you were to engage a digital marketing agency to do SEO services in Singapore, you have arrived to the right place.

Contact: 6208 8111
Location: 14A Yan Kit Road (Level 2 & 3), Singapore 088266
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30AM-6:30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. Corsiva Lab

Image Credit: Corvisa Lab

Aiming to provide expert digital solutions, Corvisa Lab has worked with 400+ clients in their long years of service to generate higher sales revenue for their clients. These range from organisations of all sizes from a wide range of industries, and they are not shy in using their hard-gained experience to add value to their portfolio of clients.

Checking out their portfolio will show you their range of creative expertise, crafting expertly designed web pages that suit the specific needs of each of their clients. They also provide digital marketing solutions, mobile app development and copywriting services their clients might need. These all start from personal consultation to understand the needs of their clients before they recommend specific strategies to get them started in the digital marketing space.

Customer Reviews

Jasey Lim

It’s a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency, and the Corvisa team is one with such excellent quality. You have faithfully delivered the project on time with consistently excellent service that is rare to find these days. Thank you, team, for making this project a success, and we look forward to our future cooperation again.

Ranford Neo

Worked with Corsiva Lab to revamp our company’s website recently. The team was prompt and professional in attending to our needs, and they have an excellent process to help follow through with the entire project. Highly recommend their services!

Location: 82 Playfair Road, #12-01, D,lithium, Singapore 368001

3. OOm

Image Credit: OOM

OOM has been a long-trusted digital agency that traces its founding from 2006. With 15 years of digital marketing experience, they don’t shy from clients of all walks and industries. They aim to bring their expertise and knowledge to create custom-fit solutions while providing detailed recommendations that cater to a big picture, long-term plan.

Specialising in SEO, Social Marketing and Google Marketing Solutions for the local market, they also provide China Digital Solutions by understanding that the Chinese market has untapped potential for clients seeking to break into this profitable market. Whether you seek to solidify your business in the local market or expand into foreign ones, OOM has the experience and expertise to provide for your digital marketing needs.

Customer Reviews

Eiko Sumantri

We wanted to thank James, Melvin and the team for the great work on our website SEO. The result is far exceeding our expectations! We are very much impressed by their professional and personal qualities. They are honest and hard-working people whom you can trust. Looking forward to a long term relationship with them. Highly recommended.

FSquared Photography

Just wanted to thank Jun Hui and Jodie for being with us every step of the way. We’ve gotten leads and reach that was better than ever. Also, Jodie was highly responsive whenever we needed to pivot the marketing strategy or had some ideas (which is very important in the current climate). Jun Hui would also contact us once in a while to check in on things. On top of that, the OOm team will not hesitate to advise on the best ways and ideas to optimise the marketing budget, even if you may be in disagreement. They are the experts, after all! If you care about getting your business’ name out there, a committed marketing team and a solid marketing strategy, approach OOm.

6391 0930
Location: 141 Middle Road, GSM Building #06-05 and #05-04, Singapore 188976

4. Next Level Singapore

Image Credit: Next Level Singapore

These ‘social media ninjas’ from Next Level Singapore aim to serve their clients well behind the scenes, the backbone of all their digital marketing efforts. These don’t come without their recognition and expertise as they have come to represent clients that manage up to $40 million in revenue, gaining the trust of these organisations to build their webpages that serve as the first impressions to hundreds, if not, thousands of future clients.

Specialising in Live Streaming Production, this unique service aims to cater to companies seeking to host live events or capitalise on this growing trend. They also provide Facebook Advertising Services and Search Engine Optimisation/Marketing solutions, acting as a one-stop-solutions for all their client’s digital marketing needs. These are also compounded by the lessons they provide to interested business owners to focus on long-term digital marketing strategies and planning.

Customer Reviews

Alya Osman

The course was very informative. The presenters were very knowledgeable and kept up to date with the development of this digital industry. They were able to address most of the questions and made an effort to get back to those whose questions were not discussed during the course.

Sherina Tham

This is a great class. It is a crash course for beginners like myself. Though short period it is very informative, and I would say it’s sufficient for me, for now, to move the business at this point in time.

8376 5715
7500A Beach Road, The Plaza, #05-320, Singapore 199591


While many businesses might consider digital marketing to be a mere add-on, the benefits of digital marketing have seen considerable dividends to those that have invested in digital solutions right from the start. However, it is not too late to start as the potential returns of digital marketing, in the long run, would bring manifold returns, especially when professionals do it with keen insight and knowledge into the latest digital trends. Don’t be afraid to get started in this space and enlist the help of the best PSG approved digital marketing agencies to create a custom solution for your business.

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