9 Best Sources For PSLE Science Questions In Singapore

June 17, 2021
Best PSLE Science Questions Singapore

The Singapore Ministry of Education oversees the development of the national curriculum, which includes “Desired Outcomes of Education.” The desired outcomes are student excellence in life skills, knowledge skills, and subject discipline knowledge skills. That is quite intense, no wonder Singapore has always upheld its status as having a high-ranking education system in the world.

Science is one of the subjects that students should have honed their foundation of knowledge and skills at a young age.  However, this subject is introduced in the later stages of primary education. Hence for students who are struggling to have a good grasp of the subject might be left behind.  That is why supplementary materials are needed to help them. Here is a list of the 9 best sources that will help your child master PSLE Science questions.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. PhD Education

Image Credit: PhD Education

Sure, they offer totally free test papers of which you can get and they furthermore have their personal top exam paperwork for primary to college students. They offer diverse packages for Primary 5, Primary 6, and P6 PSLE. Plus they have a whole lot of offers thus better check their website and choose which of them you require to help boost your child’s understanding and skill from the foundation subjects.

At PhD Education, you will see how to increase mental ability with typically the right revisions in addition to techniques, and learn the primary level science with a lot of the inquiry procedure. Their primary 6 Science Exam package will definitely enhance your child’s scientific knowledge and skills that will make him PSLE ready. This and more are the reasons why PhD Education is one of the 9 best sources for PSLE Science questions in SIngapore.

Customer Reviews

Khairy Farhan

As an English teacher of more than 10 years, I’ve always trusted PhD Education for reliable questions and quality passages, including their Comprehension Cloze sections. The standard has always been fair to stretch average and advanced students. Keep it up PhD Education!


I thought that your volume A was great, all the questions were well constructed and had little to no flaws.

Contact: +65 9784 3121
Location: 21 Woodlands Close, #09-10 Primz BizHub, Singapore 737854
Opening Hours: 24 Hours through WhatsApp

2. Smile Tutor

Image credit: Smile Tutor

The corporation is offering tutorial services for those who need it or even to those who want to get more knowledge about certain subjects including science. Since they are a tuition company, they make sure that the students they teach will be able to learn to love the subject that they are assisting. 

For parents to have a tutor for their child, all they need to do is call Smile Tutor for a request, then in 24 hours the company will give recommendations and clients will select from the recommendation given.  Indeed they have a very helpful and simple to understand site. If you want more about their services and how they can help your child in Science better give them a call right now and share your concern so that you will immediately be assisted.

Customer Reviews


You always deliver and are spot on!

Hui Ming

Thanks for checking. Miss Clara is extremely professional and she makes the effort to identify and improve on my child’s weakness.

Contact: +65 6266 4475
+65 90144201 (WhatsApp)
Location: WCEGA Tower 21 Bukit Batok Crescent #22-76/77 S658065
Operating Hours: 9AM-8PM Daily

3.  Science Edventure Education Centre

Image Credit: Science Edventure Education Centre

This company specializes in providing primary and secondary science tuition, as per the website. It was put up with the intention of making science easy-to-score and fun to learn for every student, after all, science can be intimidating. To achieve this purpose, they make it a point that students will achieve desired academic results while learning science and at the same time having fun.

The founder of Science Edventure Education Centre, Mr. Jason Lim, is also the author of the popular Right Before the Exam – PSLE Science book, and has extensive experience in setting challenging questions. In fact some of the PSLE questions have been taken from this book. So, if you want your child to hone the foundational skill in science and at the same time getting excited in doing so then purchase the book and enroll at Science Edventure Education Centre.

Customer Reviews

Mrs. Suripto
I think Science Edventure is the best centre! My son has gone from scoring 50+ to 95.5 (in P4)! What more can I ask for?

Mrs. Ong
Hi Jason, a big big thank you to you!!! Yee Jen scored A* for science!!!! Sending my no.3 and no.4 kids to you in 3 years’ time!!! Thanks so much!!

Contact: +65 9660 8689
+(65) 6456 3242
Location: Blk 269 Bishan Street 24, #B1-192, Singapore 570269
Opening Hours: Tue 3–6.30pm | Wed 3–8.30pm | Sat 9AM–7PM | Closed on Mon, Thur, Fri & Sun

4. The Learning Board

Image Credit: The Learning Board

There are 8 advantages why this company will suit your child. They are MOE compliant, meaning their syllabus is updated. Their class size is small, average of 6 students maximum of 10. Therefore it is easy to monitor the students and make sure that each student is able to understand the lesson. They have 100% parents satisfaction with the outcome of their children. They have exclusive materials. They have a tri-active way of learning. Meaning learners are exposed to concept maps, open discussions and hand-on experience. The company makes sure that they understand the needs of each child. Consultation is free to assess his strengths and weaknesses. They motivate the child so he can achieve the thing he deem impossible. And lastly, they have a fun and stress-free classroom interaction to help in knowledge retention and broaden his abilities.

What are you waiting for, book a consultation with The Learning Board and let your child be excited in learning science and reap an exemplary score and be PSLE prepared.

Customer Reviews

Before joining TLB, I did not know a lot of things and thought tuition was boring. After spending time at TLB, I learnt new knowledge and made a lot of friends. It was fun to go to class.

I felt encouraged. I used to fail Paper 2. After I came to TLB, I managed to get above 50 in that paper. Classes were fun and exciting.

Contact: +65 9271 0648
Location: 16 Jalan Masjid, #01-06, Kembangan Suite, Singapore 418941
1187 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-67, The Midtown, ​Singapore 533971
Opening Hours: 10AM-10PM Daily

5. School Plus

Image Credit: School Plus

This company takes pride in having exceptional educators. Their teachers are passionate about their students and many came from MOE schools. They have a time tested curriculum. Every child will be able to master strategies and skills from their experts. And they offer personalized learning. They are able to do this by using a patented system that allows their teachers to track and produce improvement on child’s exams.

If you want your child to experience this kind of system and environment then School Plus is for you. Your child will get better results with personalized learning. Reach out to School Plus and learn from their experts. You can also check their blog on tips on how to assist your child in learning science from your end.

Customer Reviews

Rajeshwari Vijju
I take this opportunity to thank Mr Mani for his great effort , commitment and comfort given to My son in securing excellent score in PSLE. Thanks Mr Mani and continue to support upcoming PSLE students.

Jiaying Chien
My son enjoys Mr Mani’s lessons a lot and always looks forward to attending his lessons! Mr Mani’s lessons are fun and engaging. He explains the topics clearly and is always very patient in helping the students.

Contact: +65 9661 5713
Location: 80 Marine Parade Road, #09-03 Parkway Parade, S449269
5 Tampines Central 6, #01-15 telepark, S529482
53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #03-04 AMK Hub, S569933
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-9PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-6PM | Excludes public holidays

6. Explico

Image Credit: Explico

This is an online-based student assessment and learning platform using artificial intelligence. Created to help students identify their specific and respective weak points and strengths, the system then enables students to participate in unparalleled and unique modular learning based on their specific requirements. Founded and currently operated by dedicated professionals with decades associated with experience in typically the field of schooling across Asia, this is a one-stop solution for all who need a focused and intelligent learning approach.

There is a detailed diagram on how Explico works. This is very helpful especially now that we are advised to not go out and to keep away from crowds. To keep your child safe at the same time learn in a different kind of way, check out Explico and explore how it can further assist your child in excelling with science.

Customer Reviews

Anurag Pandey
One of the best online students assessment and learning platform currently available in the market.

Deboo Sharma
Explico is serving students who are facing challenges in learning offline in this crucial pandemic , stay online with explico kudos to the entire team

Contact: +65 9356 3011
Location: Entrepreneur Business Centre #03-01, 18 Kaki Bukit Road 3, (S)415978
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-7.30PM

7. The Learning Lab

Image Credit: The Learning Lab

This company has been in the industry for over 18 years now. With this number of years of experience it is safe to say that they have been doing an extremely good job for them to last this long. They take pride in the knowledge that their students enjoy fun, relevant and interactive lessons across all levels, as per their website.

The Learning Lab develops confident and successful learners and that includes in the field of science. Although they educate their students, they likewise equip them together with the best knowledge, skills and attitudes that make them fix issues, think big plus seek excellence. A company that has lasted the test of time will surely reap excellent results. Browse through their website and see how they can help your child can strengthen his skill in science.

Customer Reviews

Lee Wan Yii
I personally tend to be rather picky about commitments. If I attend any classes outside of school, I believe that they must supplement me with something beyond what my school has thus far made available; otherwise I would simply use the school’s resources. With this strict mind-set, The Learning Lab has proven to be more than worth the time I spent there; not only do I feel that it has given me exposure, knowledge and skills beyond the common classroom, I also feel grateful for the numerous opportunities presented and the friends made.

I find that TLL is more than a place that I just went to for tuition classes. It has been a source of enrichment, inspiration and, indeed, learning, and though my time there has ended, my journey with learning still has a long way to go. That may be one of my greatest takeaways from my experience with TLL.

Mr. Alvin Lian
Both my children look forward to their Learning Lab lessons every week. They enjoy the open communication their teachers instill within the classroom by encouraging students to participate actively on topic discussions. Often, they are excited to share the things they have learned from their lessons! The Learning Lab experience provides a cutting edge to my sons’ learning journeys by developing their ability to think critically and deeply about issues around them.

Contact: +65 6733 8711
Location: Central: United Square, 101 Thomson Road, #03-03 Singapore 307591
East: 87 Marine Parade Central, #02-00 Singapore 440087
Tampines Mall 4 Tampines Central 5, #05-07, Singapore 529510
2 Tampines Central 5 Century Square, #04-13, Singapore 529509
Seletar Mall 33 Sengkang West Ave, #02-18 to 21, Singapore 797653
Rochester Mall 35 Rochester Drive, #02-26 to 35, Singapore 138639
Jem 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #04-45 to 51, Singapore 608549
Choa Chu Kang Centre 309 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #05-03, Singapore 680309
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 10AM-8PM | Sat & Sun: 9AM-6PM | Closed on public holidays and observed public holidays.

8. Think Teach

Image Credit: Think Teach

Really fulfilling their reputation as an English, Math and Science powerhouse, they give a compelling primary school programme of which challenges and excites. Their focus is usually on content mastery and examination, and they accomplish these ends together with relatable examples plus easy-to-remember tips in addition to techniques. Their learners are coached to identify questions by their own respective query varieties and apply their results-proven techniques to be able to answer those concerns correctly.

Think Teach allows their learners to think and formulate on their own and at the same time incorporate the techniques that their experts have mastered. Pondering smart is how this company functions, analyzing questions in order to draw out designs and trends. If you want your child to have this way of thinking, Think Teach is here to hone your child’s skills and abilities.

Customer Reviews

Ian Lim
My A*s for PSLE would not have been possible without Think Teach! Thank you to all my teachers for all the attention and time that they spent on me. The questions were so well set that some questions even came out for our exams! Their passion in teaching us and their care towards us prove how great the teachers at Think Teach are!

Isabelle got 266, All A*. I cannot believe it! From mostly Bs to all A*… really have to thank you so much! Sending her to you and Think Teach was the best decision I could have made for her studies!

Contact: +65 9661 2396
Location: 246C Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Garden Estate, Singapore 574370
9 King Albert Park, KAP Mall, #02-04/07/25/26, Singapore 598332
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 3PM-9PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-6PM | Closed on Mon

9. Family Tutor.SG

Image Credit: Family

They used to be known as “Brilliance EduLearn”, now they have rebranded themselves to match the service that they offer. They match a home tutor not only to teach learners well and improve their grades, but additionally build a good rapport and significant connection with the student and even with the student’s complete family! This is what they have been doing and is what they will continue to do for you!

Now Family Tutor.SG, carries on to doing what i has been doing but this time with a brand that perfectly fits them. They make it a point that you feel comfortable to the home tutor that they send to your house. After all how can you learn if there is not real air of friendliness or camaraderie. They also do not compromise the quality of education they provide. As long as clients, like you, are happy, Family Tutor.SG is also happy.

Customer Reviews

Alan Tan
We came across FamilyTutor thu Google search. I think Jay is professional, resourceful and very helpful in assisting us find a good Chinese tutor for our boy.

Angeline Lee
Professional and reliable service provided with great quality tutor. Pleasant experience first time engagement with FamilyTutor. Highly recommended tuition agency.

Contact: +65 8777 2168
Location: 17 Petir Road, Singapore 678278
Opening Hours: 9AM-10PM Daily (Including Public Holidays)


Science is not for all. Some are born with the thirst of exploring the sphere of science while others are just happy being the recipients of these explorations. In other words, it can be confusing and tricky. For your child to have that thirst for exploration surround him with an atmosphere of fun and learning the subject. better connect yourself with these 9 best sources to help him master science questions in Singapore and be PSLE equipped.

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