6 Best Quick Loan Approval Moneylenders In Singapore

July 21, 2021
Best Quick Loan Approval Singapore

Who doesn’t need money? Unless you are one of the richest people in Singapore then I guess money is at your disposal. But for the majority of us, money is always a need. When times are tough and there’s no one to run to for financial concerns, where do you go? For quick loan approvals and release, do you go to the bank? I don’t think so. Good thing there are licensed moneylenders scattered all over the island.

To make it a little bit easier for you, we have taken it upon ourselves to gather the 6 best quick loan approval moneylenders in Singapore for those times when you need money the most. Read about them and when you’ve made your decision book a consultation to have a talk with their loan officer who will assist you and offer the loan that would best suit your cash flow concern and capacity to pay.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Orange Credit Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Orange Credit Pte Ltd

Orange Credit believes in lending a hand to people who need a little extra cash to get them through till their next paycheck. When faced with an emergency financial situation, you may worry less and get the help you need to make the essential payments with Orange Credit’s short-term payday loans. 

Some people are unable to wait a week or two for their salaries to be put into their bank accounts. Fortunately, with the help of Orange Credit, individuals can obtain a modest loan quickly, in just a few minutes. For this type of loan, they won’t need to do a credit check as long as you have a regular job. If you need cash with quick loan approval, this company can help you since it is one of the best moneylenders in the field. 

Customer Reviews

Steve Max

Met up with Grace, very professional, and was given very detailed loan packages to choose from. Reasonable interest rate as well. Was surprised that the loan approval was so fast and instant money transferred immediately. Highly recommended.


The service provided by Jia Sim was very informative and good. She explained everything in detail. And the process was fast too.

Contact: +65 6748 2320
Location: 810 Geylang Rd, #01-91 City Plaza, Singapore 409286
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | Closed on Sun

2. Quick Loan Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Quick Loan Pte Ltd

QuickLoan Pte Ltd has evolved to be a powerful and reputable financial purveyor in a span of ten years, gaining recognition from the financial industry and clients alike. They recognize that acquiring fast cash loan from your bank may be difficult due to rigorous standards and credit status.

At QuickLoan Pte Ltd, they aim to give you the best personal loan in Singapore as a trustworthy licensed money lender to assist you to overcome your financial difficulties. Their Personal Loans are a refined alternative to typical bank loans since they are designed to be low-interest personal loans with flexible repayment schedules based on your employment. They guarantee a one-hour approval time on your cash loan and a speedy cash disbursement thanks to a less strict application process. Make an appointment with the top moneylender in Singapore today for a free consultation!

Customer Reviews

Kimberly Lim

First time borrowing money from a moneylender, was a simple process and repayments are surprisingly affordable! Will come back again if I need other funding in the future, highly recommend it!

Kristopher Seng

Brilliant service. The girl is so friendly to explain all the T&C and give me a reasonable interest rate. I’m so happy to get the cash to settle all my household expenses.

Contact: +65 8511 9133
Location: 10 Anson Rd, #01-15 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 12PM-5PM | Closed on Sun

3. EZLoan Pte Ltd

Image Credit: EZLoan

EZ Loan was founded in June 2010, with a major goal to aid and service customers with their personal credit needs by providing personal or payday loans. Particularly for customers who are having trouble getting a personal loan from a bank. They offer small-quantity unsecured personal loans of up to 5000 SGD based on an individual’s income and credit history. Personal loans, payday loans, and business loans are all simple and transparent services at this company.

At EZ Loan, Personal loans have the advantage of requiring little processing time. The time it takes to distribute the cash to our customers varies depending on the loan quantity. It might take anything from half an hour to a dayThe process will take less than an hour for regular, and loyal consumers.

Customer Reviews

Muhaimin Musthafa

Very fast response and understanding of my needs in applying for loans. I have been their regular customer for over 3 years. Highly recommended.

Jacqueline Ong

The staff is very helpful and friendly.  Fast and efficient in getting all things done.

Contact: +65 6291 2832 | +65 6291 2832 (Beach Road) | +65 6222 2529 | +65 6222 2529 (Tanjong)
Location: 3 Beach Road #01-4853, Singapore 190003
1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-49, Singapore 082001
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM (Beach Road) | Mon-fri 11AM-7PM (Tanjong) | Closed on Sun

4. Uniqcash Pte Ltd

Image Credit Uniqcash

Every day at Uniqcash, They work with the goal of resolving the financial issues of their clients. They realize the problems that come with borrowing money when your credit score isn’t optimal. That is why they feel that everyone has a different loan term. They want to help as many individuals as possible get out of debt by offering the cheapest and most flexible terms possible.

Uniqcash offers a payday loan that allows you to get your monthly pay within an hour after your application is approved. This is on-the-spot cash. A little reminder though that the length of time it takes to approve a loan depends on the risk and credit rating of the applicant. If you pay within a month, you’ll get a 0% interest rate. But, if the loan is not paid on time there will be an interest of 3.92% per month.

Customer Reviews

Levin Tay

Highly recommended! Very happy to be here. This is the first money lender that I had borrowed from and till now for almost a year. whenever I need cash for rolling the first image that comes to me is Uniqcash. Mr Raymond is a very friendly and understanding loan officer, very flexible as long as you keep your promise they are really understanding. They make you feel more like a friend rather than a loan officer…


I need a huge amount to pay off my credit cards bills and other expenses. After visiting Uniqcash Pte Ltd. The staff there are friendly and they actually grant me a big amount to pay off my credit card. The most amazing thing is they granted me a monthly repayment schedule allowing me to repay all in 10 months. I highly recommend this lender to people who need cash urgently to tide over their bad times.

Contact: +65 6910 3483
Location: 7A Trengganu St, Singapore 058461
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM | Sat 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sun

5. Crawfort Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Crawfort Pte Ltd

Crawfort Pte Ltd has been pushing itself to give outstanding service to consumers since 2011. They’ve streamlined the way the financial services business operates thanks to continual technological advancements. They are the first company to use SAM/AXS machines for finance repayment. This company prides itself on getting your loan approved in just 8 minutes!

How to do it? You can apply for your loan immediately online at any time of day in 3 easy steps. First, use MyInfo to submit an application. Then in the following 8 minutes, they’ll send you your findings through SMS. Lastly, you validate your card and pick up your cash at their location. You can save a lot of time by using Crawfort’s efficient borrowing system. Now that’s convenient!

Customer Reviews

Michelle Ng

All information given by the officer is easy to understand and clear. Friendly staff,the whole process is fast and simple also. Will definitely come back if I need a loan again

Deen Harrif

The whole process is smooth and fast. The loan officers Joey and Chloe are nice and friendly. Thumbs up for them👍

Contact: +65 6777 8080
Location: 1 North Bridge Rd, #01-35, Singapore 179094
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10.30AM-7.30PM | Closed on Sun

6. Synergy Credit

Image Credit: Synergy Credit

Synergy Credit is a licensed moneylender registered with the Ministry of Law in Singapore. They are dedicated to providing customers with affordable loans with low interest rates for all of their financial needs. They offer a fast cash loan that is a short-term loan that can be used by those who need money quickly due to an emergency or unforeseen financial crisis.

Synergy Credit has a simple online application and approval process that allows you to apply for a loan anytime, anywhere, and get your money right away if you satisfy our criteria and have all of the necessary documentation. Filling out their online application form for fast cash loans takes less than 5 minutes, and you can get a response from one of their loan officers the same day. Plus, it does not demand any kind of collateral, making them quite convenient for anyone who needs money right away.

Customer Reviews


My first visit to Synergy was served by Ms Chua who is very attentive, polite and responsive. My loan processing was hassle-free and speedy. Also, they offered a long repayment period which helps ease my burden. Also, another two staff members there, Mr Chew and a lady (sorry dun know her name) are also very polite and welcoming. Great atmosphere and environment. Keep it up!!

Mitchell Li

Friendly and polite staff. Fast and efficient. Details as per the phone call. Will deal again!

Contact: +65 6250 0066
Location: Blk 447 Clementi Avenue 3 (Clementi central) #01-201 (5mins walk from Clementi MRT), S120447
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11.30AM-8PM | Sun 11.30AM-5PM


For those in need of quick loan approvals, the list above of the 6 best moneylenders in Singapore should help you. Although it is usually preferable to remain debt-free, we cannot always escape those unforeseen circumstances for which our funds are insufficient. Thankfully, there are moneylenders who can process loans quickly that banks are unable to supply. However, exercise caution and ensure that the moneylender you approach for a loan is legitimate. Make sure also to pay on time and avoid paying more on interest, so as to reduce your financial stress.

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