5 Best RFID Asset Tracking System In Singapore To Save Time

December 10, 2021
Best Rfid Tracking System Singapore

Taking inventory can be a tedious task. It is often noted to be time consuming and subject to human error. Moreover, organisations who hold large stocks or are heavily dependent on their items may find that even the slightest mishap when it comes to asset tracking can be detrimental to an organisation.

The use of a RFID asset tracking system by a Singapore establishment can save the headaches associated with inventory management. An RFID asset tracking system normally works by implanting a RFID or radio-frequency identification tag on the particular item. A RFID is not required to be at a direct line of sight and can be scanned to automatically update a system.

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1. etag RFID

Image Credit: etag RFID

Etag RFID is an establishment which is a firm believer that the use of technology such as the RFID are one of the key solutions in being able to enrich the life of the individual. This is accomplished by better efficiency through the simplification of an individual’s daily routine. Etag RFID has created an organisation filled with technical staff who are able to continually develop and innovate their products in addition to building connections with their customers with the aim to last for a lifetime.

The RFID asset tracking system provider understands the complications businesses face when overseeing assets. Poor management can lead to several issues, some of which could be detrimental to the reputation to an establishment. With the RFID asset tracking system by Etag RFID is able to mitigate these issues. The RFID asset tracking system by the enterprise is filled with features and is easy to use with the intention of optimising overall business performance.

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Contact: +656365 0552
Location: 11 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Northspring Bizhub , #01-102/103, Singapore 768089
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. Intensecomp

Image Credit: Intensecomp

Exemplary products and services paired with consistency are the main values in which Intensecomp applies within its organisation. For almost 20 years within the island of SIngapore, the establishment has sought to create innovations concerning RFID systems in order to address any obstacles which may rise in the future. Intensecomp tailor makes their products in order to meet the varying needs of their customers. The Singapore enterprise has also made large investments within their research and technology department to ensure technologically advanced equipment which is not prone to any issues.

Intensecomp’s RFID asset tracking system is build around simplicity. In doing so, the establishment enables business owners in Singapore the ability to avail a RFID asset tracking system without having to deal with issues concerning how to use the product. Each piece of the RFID asset tracking system is manufactured with care and combined with other units to truly deliver an exemplary product.

Contact: +65 6278 7558
Location: 1003 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 159836

3. Qbasis

Image Credit: Qbasis

The Singapore establishment was founded on the year 2013 and over time has grown into an organisation which has added several capabilities within its services including RFID tracking and other technologies. Principles embodied by the establishment include cheerfulness which is aimed at both internal personnel and external individuals such as a customer. Equivalent opportunity regardless of the lack of background a personnel has prior to working within Qbasis. Lastly, non-ending innovation in order to carry on with enhancing the enterprise as a whole.

The RFID asset tracking system offered by Qbasis provides sustainable solutions for Singapore establishments by reducing operation downtime. By placing an RFID on each asset, it can be utilised as a tracking system which helps locate particular items. Each RFID is unique and does not require to be seen in order to function properly.

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Contact: +65 6908 5980
Location: 8 Ubi Road 2, Singapore 408538
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4. Techcombi

Techcombi claims to be an organisation which is at the top of the list when it comes to RFID based solutions including an asset tracking system. Holding its main office in Singapore, the establishment also holds locations around Asia with thousands of connections with other businesses along the region. Techombi places an emphasis on other responsibilities as well including on a social and environmental standpoint. The operations of the enterprise have made commitments on using more eco-friendly processes and materials. Fund raisers spearheaded by Techcombi are also conducted to help the less fortunate.

RFID systems by Techcombi has been given the green light from the government of Singapore as a merchant. The RFID asset tracking system have been used for both warehouse and retail purposes. A few benefits of Techombi’s asset tracking system include receiving notice if there is an abundance or lack of items, report generation, and automated inventory adjustment.

Contact: +65 6635 8268
Location: 2 Kallang Avenue,CT HUB, #07-33, Singapore 339407

5. Trimatrix

Image Credit: Trimatrix

A few sectors which Trimatrix extends its services to include the industrial, transportation,  and consumer industry amongst a wide range of other enterprises within varying nature of businesses. The establishment is comprised of a group of technically talented individuals who share the same objective of developing solutions which have the potential to revolutionise the market. Due to the fact that the expertise of Trimatrix encompasses several areas, the organisation is able to open several doors for its clients.

Trimatrix’s RFID asset tracking system can be tailor made into the needs of an establishment. These customised RFID asset tracking systems are made possible by the unique abilities of their personnel. In fact, Trimatrix has even gone as far as creating a smart locker system for an educational institution utilising RFIDs. The RFID asset tracking system from the enterprise originated from the need to reduce errors and time consumption.

Contact: +65 6481 1928
Location: 5000 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, Singapore 569870


A RFID asset tracking system is an investment which is worth the cost. By utilising this technology within the operations of a Singapore business, the enterprise may free up their staff from painstaking hassles and transfer them in other areas. Not only does the use of a RFID asset tracking system save up on time, but depending on the provider, easy to implement within the operations of the Singapore establishment.

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