7 Best Secrets To Help Sell Your Condo Fast In Singapore

June 8, 2021
Best Sell Condo Fast Singapore

It is not easy to sell a house, same as it is not easy to sell a condominium. One has to have a concrete plan on how to make sure that the condominium he is selling outshines the others in the market. And mind you there is a steep competition in selling condominiums. On top of the competition there are also crucial parts that need to be considered like setting the price, staging the unit, and finding the right realtor to help you make wise decisions in how to sell your condo fast.

Here are 7 best secrets in Singapore who can help you. If you want to sell your condo fast with the right price then better check out this list and see if there’s an agent that fits your need.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Selling Singapore

Image Credit: Selling Singapore

I’m sure you’ve heard or read about them before. Probably because Selling Singapore was already featured in one of the articles that we cover. And here they are again. This is just to show that this company is indeed doing a great job in the business that they do. They also provide service in selling your condo. And they have a track record to prove it.

Check out their website and you can see success stories of condo owners who partnered with Selling Singapore and were able to get the best valuation price for their unit. Plus agents who are more than willing to go the extra mile. A company that is only seeking the best for their clients and making sure that proper channels and methods are done to sell their unit efficiently and effectively. One of their strategy is to offer a virtual, so that buyers don’t need to leave the comforts of their house and still see the condominium that you are selling.

Customer Reviews

Ingrid M.

We came across Selling Singapore from YouTube and Facebook, so we called Nick to sell our apartment. I was impressed it was sold quickly! If my friends want to buy, I know who to reach out. Just call Nick or message him!

Kelvin L.

I knew Selling Singapore through Propertyguru. To me, their home tour video was the highlight. Nick was excellent in the follow up process. Responsiveness was the edge he provided.

Contact:    +65 8157 4855 | +65 8157 4855
Location:    480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310480
Operating Hours: 24 hours (through WhatsApp)

2. Navis | Stuart Chng & Associates | OrangeTee & Tie Real Estate Agency

Image Credit: Stuart Chng & Associates

He has been in the business for 14 years and continues to seek growth and development by mentoring other agents. Even with his experience he still actively consults investors and handles both their buying and selling needs. But of course he does not d this alone, he has team to helps him.Stuart Ching & Associates is one of the leading divisions in Navis Living Group (OrangeTee & Tie).

He follows the idea of people first, success will follow. That is why he is mentoring other agents to guide them in the industry. Because of his mentorship skill he is able to groom agents who are exceedingly performing and able to reach client satisfaction. To experience his accolades you can set an appointment and experience the kind of service that his team offers and will surely help you sell your condo fast.

Customer Reviews

Saravanan K.

When you think property market….think Stuart. Simple as that. He provides information on every aspect of the buying and selling process so that you can make informed decisions.

Nick Goh

Stuart had made the process of selling our house a breeze! He gave us accurate information of the market and negotiated a higher price than what we expected! I would recommend him to anyone that is looking at transacting their property! 👍

Contact:     +65 9828 3787
Location:    430 Lor 6 Toa Payoh #08-01, Orange Tee Building, S319402
Operating Hours: 9AM-8PM Daily

3. Propseller

Image Credit: Propseller

This is another company that was also featured in a different article, that is why it has a nostalgic feel to it. Just a little recap to refresh your memory, a team of specialist and professional photographers, copywriters and analysts that makes them more efficient in their skill. As a result this also allows them to charge their client less.

With Propseller, you certainly will get things done and see results right before your very eyes. So, if you are looking to get things done, fast then better get your phone ready and give them a call to have your condo valuated and enlisted in the market with the right best agents. If you are the type of person who is unsure of what to do and how to get things done then this company has the right realtor to assist you in disposing your condo.

Customer Reviews

Wei Z.

I didn’t know the process to sell a condo well and was anxious. I was very glad that my agent was so patient and calmed my nerves. He answered my questions, ran me through step by step and helped me sell for a very good price quickly.

Shannon L.

We are very happy with the professionalism and speed we got from Propseller. We sold our flat $11,000 above valuation within 4 weeks! Paying only 1% commission was additional bonus for us. Will definitely come to them for selling again.

Contact: +65 6797 8808
+65 8299 9105 (WhatsApp)
Location: 380 Jln Besar, Level 5, Singapore 209000.
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat, Sun & Holidays 9AM-7PM

4. Darren Ong & Associates | The Singapore Realtor

Image Credit: Darren Ong & Associates

Darren Ong is a Property Real Estate Agent and Property Wealth Planner since 2010 in Singapore. According to him being a agent is not about selling or achieving awards, it is still about providing the best recommendations and insights to those he comes across. For him client relationships are more valuable and he is willing to walk the extra mile when needed.

With this kind of attitude and outlook, who would not be encourage to seek out his service, especially entrusting in selling your condo. Surely, Mr. Ong will provide the best valuation for your condominium and the best customer service experience beyond your expectation. Darren Ong & Associates is one of the leading divisions in Navis Living Group (OrangeTee & Tie). He also follows the idea of people first, success will follow.

Customer Reviews

Mrs. Chai

Darren is a very responsible person. He keeps me updated on every step of the transaction & guided me through the long, tedious (my T is zero!) process! Thank you very much Darren!


Quick and fast transaction. Good advice to make the most of the sale. Always updating on the latest info thus not worrying us as seller even during CB period. Great job!

Contact: +65 9383 9588
Location: 430 Lor 6 Toa Payoh #08-01, Orange Tee Building, S319402
Operating Hours: 24 Hours (Through WhatsApp)

5. Property Giant

Image Credit: Property Giant

This is another company that was featured in a different article. This company takes pride in the capacity of each individual in their team. Their community thrives in the atmosphere of sharing their knowledge and experience that enhances constant growth and making them better in the work that they do. They also find pleasure in the broad mix of skill from sales, to analytics, digital media and design.

Property Giant, is definitely a giant in its own right. A company that is continuously growing and collaborating to get things done, just like how a giant should be. A team of same minded individuals who know exactly what their individual roles are and make things work, make the company run smoothly and as a result provides client satisfaction and positive testimonials, which only means helping you selling your valued condo unit quickly.

Customer Reviews

Ng kai Chin, Aaron

Ms Yian has managed our expectations exceptionally well. Having to go through the future potential growth of the few developments that she specifically handpicks catering to our needs…within 2 weeks as she managed to summarize all the potential developments which sped up our process on making our decision. Highly recommended Ms Yian and the Giant team without any hesitation.

Alex Teoh

Very helpful and resourceful agents. Look forward to further dealings in future.

Contact: (+65) 6100 6199
(+65) 8808 0788 (WhatsApp)
Location: 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, HDB HUB East Wing #10-01 Singapore 310480
Operating Hours: 24 hours (through WhatsApp)


Image Credit: Buy

This company prides itself as offering information to their clients in a prompt and efficient manner.  And because of this believes in effective communication to get things done in a civil, harmonious and professional manner. Mr. Gary Lim Lek Boon & his team believes that having the right person to do the right things is always the best way to go. And that is what they have. The right people, with the right skill set needed to sell your condominium at the right price and do it fast without delay. has produced a notable collection of happy clients and satisfied customers. With this data they sure will gain more recognition, especially to the level of service that they offer which is level BEST. If you want somebody who can be transparent, honest and efficient in selling your condo fast then is the agent for you.

Customer Reviews

K.L. Lim

Gary has been handling all my properties including rental and sale for all these years. He is able to find our tenants/buyers at a short period of time. He handles everything relating to miscellaneous for tenanted units. He also has his team to work on my properties while we are traveling for a short trip together. I also refer him to my friends to engage his service


Gary is at the top of my mind whenever I have any real estate needs. He is determined and driven and this was reflected when he managed to sell my property in District 9 after numerous rounds of viewings and negotiation. I strongly recommend his service to all my friends.

Contact: +65 9450 7545 ,
Location: 480 Lorong Toa Payoh, Singapore 310480
Operating Hours: 24 Hours (through WhatsApp)

7. HomeSeller

Image Credit: Homeseller

Yes, this company also seems familiar, again and rightly so because they were also featured in a previous article. To refresh your memory, this company used to be HDBseller but has rebranded it to HomeSeller to better reflect their focus and service. Their services include but not limited to photos, latest market analysis, financial calculation and more.

HomeSeller agents can also assist you in selling your condo fast with a lesser and extremely affordable fixed commission fee. they promise no hidden fees and no upfront fees. They also value honesty and transparency, hence they make sure that they deliver what they promise. Therefore they are committed to guarantee client satisfaction. Needing to sell your condo fast with no extra charges? Then you have found the right realtor, right here who can provide you that. 

Customer Reviews

BoiJuf Elly 

We strongly recommend Homeseller team for their outstanding service and equip knowledge on sell n buy HDB property.The dedicated service Patrick n team have given us was extremely tremendous.Keep up a good job!We would like to Thank You for all ur hard work and smooth transaction for our New Home.

Timothy Pang

Patrick was great, great help and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone selling their flat. Thank you again.

Contact: (+65) 92221 2291
Location: 2 Joo Chiat Road, #03-1121 Joo Chiat Complex, Singapore 420002
Operating Hours: 24 hours (through WhatsApp)


Trust, transparency and skill. These are some of the major qualities your agent needs to have a smooth relationship with a client. The 7 best agents presented are proof that they exist. They are here to guide and help you sell your condominium with the best price and as quickly as possible.  And the best part is, they are in Singapore. 

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