5 Best Soundproof Windows In Singapore For Noise Reduction

April 27, 2021
Best Soundproof Windows Singapore

Are you tired of hearing the rumbling noise of car horns every morning? Do you wish you could mute the loud conversations of neighbors across the street? If yes, then worry less! There are already solutions to all your concerns, and they are called ‘soundproof windows.’ A soundproof window is a second window that is placed behind an existing window in order to block up noise that is either entering or leaving the room. This type of window is ideal for those who wish to have a more peaceful home or office environment.

Soundproof windows can be found almost everywhere. If you are interested in installing one for your home or office, then this article is right for you! Here’s a list of the best soundproof windows in Singapore you can trust when it comes to noise reduction.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Window-Grille-Door

Image Credit: Window-Grille-Door

Window-Grille-Door is a collaboration between Victorious Windows & Doors Pte Ltd and Acme Metal & Glass Pte Ltd. It supplies and installs high-quality windows, grilles, and doors for Singaporean homes and offices in accordance with safety standards and guidelines. This collaboration company is known for delivering timely, reliable, and proven services and products that meet the home or office improvement needs of many customers.

Window-Grille-Door has a diverse range of options when it comes to the windows, grilles, and doors that it offers. For windows, particularly, the company sources different types of windows, including sliding windows, casement windows, louvre windows, bay windows, service yard windows, and soundproof windows. Soundproof windows are one of the best offers of Window-Grille-Door. These products go a long way in noise reduction, guaranteeing a soothing and relaxing environment wherever you desire. The soundproof windows here are fabricated using double-glazed glass, which comprises of one 5 mm width metal strip, sandwiched between two 5mm width glass sheets, totaling a thickness of 15 mm.

Customer Reviews

Caleb Ye

Nice work and fast response time, highly recommend. Professional.

Defa Trio

Good service/workmanship with affordable cost.

+65 9029 8583
Location: 86 Tuas Ave 11, Singapore 639099
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat 9AM-3PM | Closed on Sun

2. Fascina

Image Credit: Fascina

Fascina is a reputable window supplier based in Singapore. It was established during the 1980s and since then, it has been one of the leading solutions providers and manufacturers for PVC-U window and door systems in the Southeast Asian region. Over the years, the company has managed to build up an impressive track record for innovative and excellent services. It has successfully expanded the application of PVC-U to create advanced, durable, and reliable products, such as PVC doors, uPVC windows, security doors, and soundproof windows.

As a leader when it comes to window and door solutions, Fascina provides its large base of customers with a diverse range of products that can address all their needs, whether for high security, heat insulation, water tightness, and sound insulation. Its PVC-U window and door systems, particularly, are designed to insulate the homes of its customers from the outside world. They feature a multi-chambered profile, fusion-welded joints, and compression gaskets that absorb and keep out noise, so its customers can keep their interiors serene and peaceful.

+65 6546 4666
Location: 33 Tuas Bay Drive, Singapore 637310
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-4.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Magnetite

Image Credi: Magnetite

Magnetite is a double glazing provider and installer that originated in North America. After several years of success, its technology is now being offered in numerous countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The main technology offered by this brand was inspired by acrylic windows used on jet planes and the tight magnetic seals of refrigerators. By combining these two concepts, the founder of Magnetite, energy physicist Kenneth J. Foster, was able to create the Magnetite technology that comes with all the benefits of double glazing without the need for window replacement.

In Singapore, Magnetite is exclusively being offered in license by Place Solutions Pte Ltd. This technology is increasingly being used in many households and commercial buildings across the country for its great effectiveness in noise reduction and energy efficiency. In fact, independent tests have shown that the Magnetite technology can reduce sound by up to 70% and increase thermal efficiency while maintaining the exterior look of the windows. Ultimately, this technology is one of the best options when it comes to soundproofing windows.

Customer Reviews

Clara Alim

We installed Magnetite in our bedroom facing a busy main road and we are truly amazed at the soundproofing achieved with this product. There is a huge noise reduction, so much that it’s become the quietest room in our home. Carisa was knowledgeable and friendly, and her team were very efficient and clean with their work. This really is the best solution for retrofit soundproofing. Wish we installed Magnetite sooner!

Katherine Ho

Thank you carisa and team for the excellent service and works done for my bedroom. Finally, I can enjoy the convenience of the bus stop just opp my place as well as much needed serenity. Thank you carisa for bringing this product to Singapore, so we have a cost effective solution, one that is aesthetically pleasing with the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

+65 9189 5575
Location: 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #07-29, Singapore  528559


Image Credit: SIAC

SIAC is an acoustic solutions provider in Singapore and Southeast Asia that specializes in soundproofing and sound insulation products. It was established in 1990, and over the years, it has developed into one of the leading acoustics engineering organizations in the region with subsidiaries in several countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. As an acoustic specialist, SIAC supplies and installs its own acoustical products to many projects both done locally and overseas.

After being in the industry for more than 3 decades, SIAC has continued to develop various innovative products that are widely applied in different industries. Its range of acoustic windows, particularly, is applied in recording studios, commercial buildings, industrial places, military settings, and interrogation rooms. These soundproof windows are manufactured with precision from firm and durable metals, such as aluminum or galvanized steel, that have high-performance acoustic seals. These windows are quite functional in reducing noise, and they are heat resistant and non-reflective.

+65 6262 2977
Location: 17 Fan Yoong Road, Singapore 629794
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat 9AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

5. Decorille

Image Credit: Decorille

Decorille is a renowned manufacturer based in Singapore that specializes in home or office products, such as windows, doors, louvre screens, invisible grilles, custom-built aluminum sliding doors, and many others. It delivers innovations that cater to the needs of many customers in terms of multifunctional windows and doors. After being in the industry for several years, the company has already established a great reputation when it comes to providing the best window and door solutions that the Singaporean market loves patronizing.

BestView is the main innovation offered by Decorille. It is an integrated, fully openable slide-and-swing windows or doors system that delivers high-quality design with versatile functionality, great sound insulation, and easy cleaning. This system has multi-mode functions and has been tested to endure 100,000 cycle opens. Its unique design, good sound insulation, and high retention value are what make Decorille’s BestView Windows and Doors one of the most efficient and functional windows or doors systems in the market.

Customer Reviews

Zain Yudha

Friendly and prompt service. Good workmanship too!

Emily Kerh

David was the one who liaised with us from enquiring to sales to after-sales. The best service I ever had and I never regret having the windows installed. Thank you.

+65 6749 6688
Location: 1 Coleman St, Singapore 179803


Having a noisy environment can add so much stress to life. Indeed, almost everyone needs to have some quiet time every now and then. But this can be difficult to achieve, especially when one is living in an urban area where noise is commonplace. Luckily, the coming of soundproof windows has provided a great solution to this problem. Soundproof windows make it possible to experience serene moments from time to time, whether one is at the comfort of his or her home or in the office.

There are many companies that provide soundproof window solutions out there. But if you want high-quality ones that deliver effective noise reduction, Window-Grille-Door, Fascina, Magnetite, SIAC, and Decorille are the ones you should contact. They provide the best soundproof windows you can trust in Singapore and elsewhere.

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