8 Best Swimming Lessons for Adults That Are Fun and Easy

February 2, 2023

In a country surrounded by various bodies of water like Singapore, swimming is a necessary survival skill set. Aside from the benefit of safety and protection, it also serves as an excellent exercise that improves one’s cardiovascular capacity and overall health. On top of these, swimming is also found to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety. As such, it is a highly recommended activity, especially for adults.

However, many adults who are non-swimmers shy away from learning or improving their swimming skills due to a lack of self-confidence. Some think they are too old, too busy, or too scared to even try. However, learning to swim is not limited to toddlers and children. Even when you are already an adult, you can still take some swimming classes. To help you, here are some of the best swimming lessons for adults that you can try in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Swim2u

Image Credit: Swim2u Website

Swim2u is one of the top swim schools in Singapore, offering comprehensive and excellent swimming lessons. Swim2u is an established industry expert that provides instruction for students of all ages and skill levels. The school’s main focus is to teach learners swimming techniques and survival skills while helping them gain self-confidence. As such, Swim2u is the ideal place to begin your swimming experience because of its long history and dedicated roster of instructors.

You will surely have a blast while learning to swim with the help of the qualified instructors at Swim2u, who specialises in adult private swimming lessons, among others. These instructors have years of experience guiding children and adults into becoming the most skilled swimmers they can be. They can also design a program specifically for the student in which each class is geared to provide you with a particular curriculum to meet your unique needs.

Customer Reviews

Mabel Tan

Our experience with coach Nur has been very positive, highly recommend it to others.

Angelah Goh

Good delicated coach for 1 to 1 swim class.

Contact: +65 9137 6233
Location: Oxley Bizhub, 62 Ubi Rd 1, #2, Singapore 408734
Opening Hours: Daily 9AM-5PM

2. Swimwerks

Image Credit: Swimwerks

As a premier swimming school that offers professional swimming classes for all ages, Swimwerks consists of professional and licensed coaches that go through rigorous training processes. Offering swimming lessons for kids, the coaches are carefully chosen to ensure they are competent and good with children – they are also trained via their swimming instructor course to ensure quality standards are met. Aside from being a swimming school, Swimwerks is also working towards its goal of being a one-stop aquatic hub by 2028 by offering other services such as Aqua Fitness Programs, Lifesaving Courses, and training programs.

Swimwerks uses a proven structure with a step-by-step learning syllabus to cater to your child’s learning ability and progression. Safety is also their top priority, so they only take a maximum class size of 4 students to 1 swim teacher to focus on every student’s learning progression. In addition, this swimming school is an official swim partner of AustSwim and SSI, and they also provide MOE-recognised Swimsafer program.

Customer Reviews

Hui Theng Loy

My son enjoys every lesson. His first lesson was surprisingly comfortable, not panicking at all as I though it could be a super nervous one since he’s afraid of water. I’m glad we found the right swim coach.

Sei Fern Tan

Coach Ken is a very good swimming teacher. My kids learned fast under his coaching. My kids enjoyed the swimming lessons very much!

Contact: +65 6805 8186
Location:  3 Gambas Cres, #07-11 Nordcom 1, Singapore 757088
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9.30AM – 6:30PM

3. SG Condo Swimming Lessons

Image Credit: SG Condo Swimming Lessons

At SG Condo Swimming Lessons, the emphasis is on delivering exceptional adult swimming lessons that cater to the diverse needs of learners at various skill levels. The dedicated and certified instructors provide personalised guidance, ensuring that each adult swimmer can comfortably progress at their own pace. Whether it’s mastering the basics, refining advanced techniques, or overcoming water-related fears, SG Swimming Lessons is committed to helping adults achieve their swimming goals.

The adult swimming lessons offered by SG Condo Swimming Lessons are designed with flexibility and convenience, enabling learners to schedule classes at their preferred location and time. With the individualised attention provided by the skilled coaches, adult swimmers can expect to receive focused feedback and direction, resulting in a more effective and efficient learning experience. SG Condo Swimming Lessons is ideal for adults seeking a comprehensive and enjoyable swimming education that delivers lasting results and fosters a lifelong passion for the water.

Customer Reviews

Lynette Soh

My 2 girls look forward to their weekly swim lessons a lot – I think that in itself is a great testament to the coaches ability to engage the kids. As a parent, I like the convenience of having lessons at my condo’s pool. Fees for group classes are also affordable.

Leona Cheong

The location is super convenient! Admin staff and the coach is polite and friendly. Very structured and fun teaching structure from what I observed every lesson. This is also reflected on my girl’s attitude towards the lessons as she is so excited and happy for the classes! No regrets for choosing this swim school. 5 stars.

Contact: +65 8501 1096
Location: 2 Gambas Crescent #09-01, Nordcom 2 S750744
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-6PM

4. Swimpanzee

Image Credit: Swimpanzee Website

Swimpanzee is an aquatics school that specializes in swim coaching for students with different learning requirements, from non-swimmers to amateurs looking to improve their strokes. Along with their in-house instructors, Swimpanzee collaborates with a large network of affiliated swimming instructors in Singapore that can provide classes nearby. They also incorporate an individualized teaching strategy accompanied by their committed swimming coaches for efficient learning.

Swimming lessons for adults provided by Swimpanzee are commonly availed by many individuals who have trouble swimming or are prone to struggle with issues like water fear or use inefficient swim strokes that sap their energy. Its adult swimming sessions are tailored to the learner’s requirements (e.g., beginner, immediate, and advanced) in order to assist them in improving their swimming skills. If you have problems learning how to swim, the instructors at Swimpanzee can certainly help you overcome them.

Customer Reviews

Jim Clark

After 3 stroke correction sessions with Coach Bernard, my freestyle is so much more efficient and my swim timing improved substantially. I can control my breathing and take advantage of streamline swimming, which I had never been able to understand all the while. I also clocked my best ever PB for my half ironman race. I should have known him earlier!

Sherene Chong

I have back injuries due to slipped disc, and my doctor recommended Coach Bernard to me as both his twin daughters are learning swimming with him. He is such a patient guy, who’s able to explain in layman terms that’s easy for me to understand, unlike my previous trainer who was too technical. His hydro-therapy sessions really helped in my recovery!

Contact: +65 9831 0605
Location: Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex, Singapore 569978
Opening Hours: Daily 10AM-7PM

5. Marsden Swim School

Image Credit: Marsden Swim School Facebook Page

Customer Reviews

Melanie Tu

I can’t praise Marsden enough! The coaches do a fantastic job making the classes fun whilst also keeping the students engaged. Their attention to detail and level of support has helped my son grow as a swimmer both in technique and confidence and enabled him to join 2 squad teams (at his school and at Marsden). The admin team is wonderful too – friendly, well organised and always willing to help.

Alicia Franklin

Such a fun, supportive place for the kids (or adults) to learn to swim. Friendly, professional trainers. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a reliable, safe and fun environment to learn or train.

Contact: +65 6909 1436
Location: 200 Turf Club Rd, #01 – 33, Singapore 287994
Opening Hours: Daily 9AM-6PM

6. Singapore Swim School

Image Credit: Singapore Swim School Facebook Page

With more than 20 years of expertise, Singapore Swim School has already established itself as one of Singapore’s most respected swim schools. This school provides swimming classes for those learners on the beginner, intermediate, advanced, and even competitive levels. The adult program here is specifically aimed at improving the stroke skills of its adult learners. Its trained swimming teachers will correct any mistakes you make and help you get used to swimming each stroke correctly.

Individuals 14 years of age and older may enrol in Singapore Swim School’s adult and senior swimming classes. Under constant supervision, students will pick up their fundamental swimming abilities, gain confidence in the water, and master the right stroke methods they need to swim better. By enrolling in Singapore Swim School’s adult swimming programme, you can be a skilled swimmer whose abilities you can use to try out other fun water activities.

Customer Reviews

Vivian Lim

Highly recommended. Very nice, friendly & patient coach my son very enjoyable to joined the group swimming lesson. The management team is fast responsive & understanding to allow makeup lessons when my son is unwell.

Carmen Somers

Sam is a great coach. Excellent with kids. Highly recommend.

Contact: +65 9114 2961
Location: Woodlands Swimming Complex, 3 Woodlands Street 13, Singapore 738600

7. Able Aquatic School

Image Credit: Able Aquatic School Facebook Page

Always Believe in Lifelong Exercise (ABLE)  – this is the fundamental principle of Able Aquatic School. Darryl Chua Sing Ghiam established this school in 1981 while he was a swimming instructor certified by the Singapore Sports Council (now SPORT Singapore). Their curriculum is pretty much straightforward, goal-driven, and technique-based, which focuses on teaching children and adults the skills they need to be competent swimmers or certified lifeguards.

To guarantee your success as a swimmer, the swimming teachers at Able Aquatic School, who specialize in swimming lessons for adults, employ a potent swimming teaching technique. Underwater videography for stroke analysis is one such instance. After all, learning occurs best when mistakes are observed. Every lesson here is prepared and curated specifically for each student. With highly qualified instructors, your worries when it comes to swimming will surely go away, and you will start to gain confidence in your swimming abilities.

Customer Reviews

Wong Lee Ai

The lessons is cool. Angelina is very friendly and patient to us. I am actually quite impressed by Able Aquatic School as they managed to get a female coach with the timing and location that we want very quickly. Thanks again ya!

Jonathan Goh

Initially, I was rather skeptical about the swimming instructors by Able Aquatics but after my first lesson with their recommended instructor, my daughter looks forward to her swimming class every week. Their instructors are so kind and professional.

Contact: +65 8808 2083
Location: 1, OUR TAMPINES HUB, Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523
Opening Hours: Daily 24 Hours

8. Yvonne Swim School

Image Credit: Yvonne Swim School Facebook Page

Yvonne Swim School is a well-known swim school in Singapore that proudly holds more than 30 years of industry experience. Contrary to other instructors that teach swimming on a contract basis, the school’s founder, Yvonne, is a reputable full-time swimming instructor who came from an Australian swimming program that is structured, forward-thinking, and has an amazing feedback system. As such, the curriculum at Yvonne Swim School is likewise guaranteed to have the same structure, culture, and system.

At Yvonne Swim School, they believe that it is never too late for adults to learn how to swim. Whatever your requirements are, this school has a program that suits your needs. Yvonne Swim School also provides adults additional opportunities to be active and enjoy the water via its Aqua Fitness Programs. With the help of its skilled instructors and unique teaching approach, swimming will definitely seem easy and fun.

Customer Reviews

Sdale Letsview

Very dedicated swimming instructors. Well done.

Jamie Lim

Friendly and professional coaches. Small group size.

Contact:  +65 8328 6865
Location: Level 2 Clubhouse, 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3, Singapore 519497
Opening Hours: Daily 9AM-9PM


It is indeed never too late for anyone to learn how to swim. Even if you are already in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and so on, you still have a chance at becoming a great swimmer by enrolling in some effective swimming classes! If you are interested in finally learning how to swim or improving your existing abilities, the swim schools mentioned in this article are the ones you should choose, as they provide the best swimming lessons for adults that you can find in Singapore.

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