Termite Removal: 5 Termite Control Companies For The Job

December 14, 2021
Best Termite Control Companies Singapore

Pests are a nuisance that brings about unwanted trouble in every household in Singapore. And when it comes to the most destructive of the bunch, termites are undoubtedly among the worst offenders. Due to their natural diet mainly consisting of wood, termites can wreak havoc to homes made of wooden materials, including everything else found within, like furniture.

When left unchecked, these pests can inflict significant structural damage and potentially lead to accidents that could harm you and other household members. Hence, if you see any signs of termite presence in your home, it is best to get on the line with one of these five best termite companies in Singapore and let them take care of it.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Pestclinic

Image Credit: PestClinic

When it comes to pest extermination, no one can do it better than PestClinic. As long-term veterans in the industry with over 30 years of experience, PestClinic has dealt with all kinds of pests in Singapore, both common and uncommon. From rodents to ants, their pest control services can guarantee the total eradication of any bugs and critters in your home since they deal with the issue at its source, not just on the surface.

PestClinic also focuses on their termite solutions, which is carried out by rooting them out first and applying the best answer for the situation through baiting, corrective treatment for apartments, landed property roof treatment, and more. Apart from termites and the other usual pests, PestClinic can also handle more unusual cases, such as bee or wasp infestations, fleas, ticks, snakes, booklice, and many others. As such, any pests problems you may encounter, rest assured that PestClinic will have just the solution you need.

Customer Reviews

Karthikesan Kumar
Glad to have engaged Pestclinic. Arif was very professional and knowledgeable. He also went out of the way to help to shift drawers and identify the source of our problems. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Seok Eng Leow
Your staff Steven came on time to do a very good job, he is kind and friendly, especially he patiently explained to me how to get rick of the insects we appreciated very much for his excellent service.

Contact Number: +65 6397 5677
Address: 3 Ubi Ave 3, #05-03A Crocodile House, Singapore 408857
Opening Hours: Open daily 7:30 AM–10:30 PM

2. IKARI Pest Control

Image Credit: Ikari Services Pte Ltd

IKARI has been in the pest extermination business since 1976. Their extensive experience and expertise have made them a trusted partner by many prominent organisations such as the Singapore Land Authority, Setan Singapore, Marina Bay Golf Course, Meiji, Exxon, and more. The company’s philosophy revolves around taking a human-safe, low-toxic, and practical approach to pest problems. Moreover, they pioneered the implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This more comprehensive pest management process goes beyond just ‘spraying’ pesticides at the problem.

Thus, if you ever encounter signs of termite infestation in your home, investing in IKARI’s professional termite treatment may be just what you need. Using the latest tech for dealing with termites combined with their Japanese expertise, you can rest assured that termites, and any other pest for that matter, will no longer become a headache once IKARI completes their treatment.

Customer Reviews

Anna Low
My experience with the two Ikari technicians is very good every time. YongPeng and Noel are very professional and dedicated. They are patient with their explanations and very thorough in their work. I had some hiccups with the admin/customer service at the start. But this has been rectified with a team that is very efficient and responsive. I used to work with a well known and reputable pest control company but IKARI is far better.

Desmond Teo
Ikari offer contracted services to my work place with competitive price . All employees I have dealt with have always been helpful, friendly and professional.
Any pest call outs have been addressed promptly with full investigation.
Recommended !

Contact Number: +65 6743 1313
Address: 625 Aljunied Rd, #03-07 Aljunied Industrial Complex, Singapore 389836
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 8:30 AM–6:00 PM | Sundays Closed

3. Top Pest Control

Image Credit: Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd.

Top Pest Control places their clients as their priority before everything else. They are committed to continually providing the best possible service to protect households against all unwanted pests in Singapore. The company takes a systematic approach to solve any pest problem. They make the most out of their years of technical training and experience to root out the cause and design a specialised treatment program specific to a client’s needs.

Top Pest Control has an answer to many of the pest problems plaguing Singaporeans today. Still, they go above and beyond for their termite or rodent control annual packages. They guarantee top satisfaction for these treatments, and in the off-chance that the pests do return somehow, they will come back and finish the job at no additional charge. Besides specific pest control solutions, the company also provides home disinfection and fumigation services to further deter all manner of pests from invading homes.

Customer Reviews

Clare Daisy
Top pest Control provides efficient service in responding to feedback, giving quick reply and action, having experienced staff to handle cockroach control service, happy to have them as our pest specialists.

B Tan
Contacted Top Pest Control via their website form and got a reply via text message within the hour. And that was at night, way past office hours as well.
Shawn from Top Pest Control was very patient, answered my queries, gave me a very reasonable quote (much more affordable than 2 other more well marketed pest control companies I inquired with prior) and arranged for my place to be fogged for mozzie control the next day!
Amazing service and value for money

Contact Number: +65 9155 9692
Address: 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, #08-12 E-Centre@Redhill, Singapore 159471
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

4. Pesticon

Image Credit: Pesticon Pest & Sanitary Pte. Ltd.

Whether it is a pest problem at home or for businesses, Pesticon has the perfect pest control solution you need. The company provides up-to-date monitoring of existing, new, and possible infestation locations for their client’s establishments. It offers customised advice on how to pest-proof them to prevent further infestations. In addition, they provide complete transparency with their treatment reports and allow clients to view all the details about the treatment they paid for whenever they need it.

For your termite troubles, Pesticon provides several termite treatment solutions that work best for every termite species found in Singapore, from subterranean termites to damp wood termites. With a dedicated and comprehensive page on their website that details the company’s termite solutions, you can fully understand how they work to rid your house of termites and how you can spot signs of their presence. So, if you are looking for the best to take care of your termite problems, you can always rely on Pesticon to get the job done.

Customer Reviews

Gao Luan Tanh
Good local company, man working is hardworking and the manager mr. Kachi likes to joke. Very friendly guy. Help to remove my micky mouse problem and found all the babies in the restaurant at.boat quay. Thank you all for always rushing here and there and sweating so much.

Ken C
5/5 STAR to Mr KC for his truthful and sincere effort and professionalism in providing advise on an issue with booklice at home.

We started approaching Pesticon via Watsapp, and KC replied within a minute! Throughout the conversation, he demonstrated great sense of professionalism and sincerity in confirming our problem, explaining and advising us on the ‘bug’ we found in the house.

His professionalism and willingness-to-help is 100% commendable! Wish KC and Pesticon all well!!

Contact Number: +65 8800 7378
Address: 59 New Upper Changi Rd, #01-1274, Singapore 461059
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 8:00am–8:00pm | Sundays Closed

5. ProServ Pest

Image Credit: ProServ Pest Control

ProServ Pest Control has grown much since it was founded in 2008. It now has a team of more than 30 pest control experts, all with the qualified skills, expertise, and certifications necessary to provide you with the pest control solutions you need. Fueled by their passion and guided by their service-oriented mindsets, ProServ employs comprehensive and practical pest control treatments to protect homes and businesses from a wide range of pests like bedbugs, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, termites, and more.

ProServ employs several treatments involving baiting stations and pest removal products like Ceptiva dust and recommends sanitation and structural improvements to prevent future infestations if necessary for their termite control solutions. If you’re unsure if your home has a termite problem or not, you can arrange for ProServ to do a free onsite inspection and let them come up with the best solution for your termite situation.

Customer Reviews

Sherlyn Teh
The extermination takes about 6 weeks using baiting system. End result is superb. Thumbs-up

Contact Number: +65 6746 2278
Address: Bukit Batok Cres, Singapore 658064
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours


Termites are a common pest that causes many Singaporean homeowners a big headache whenever they infest their homes. Besides being a general nuisance, these insects can damage households if they are left to feed on the wooden structures and furnishings found inside them. Hence, to prevent that from happening and keep your abode looking pristine as ever, investing in these termite control companies in Singapore is the best way to quickly and effectively eliminate your termite troubles.

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