6 Best Vocal Lessons In Singapore To Singing Confidently

July 19, 2021
Best Vocal Lessons Singapore

Is the shower the only place where you feel comfortable singing? Or perhaps you’d like to beat your friends in your weekly karaoke sessions. Maybe even pursue a career in music?

Whatever the reason it may be, vocal lessons in Singapore are designed to enable to individuals to unleash their singing potential. The best providers of vocal lessons in Singapore are well aware of the intricacies involved developing this skill and seek to not only enhance an enrolee’s voice but establish a firm foundation in confidence as well. Below are our top 6 picks for the best vocal lessons in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Studio 72

Image Credit: Studio 72

Studio 72 is a premiere music school for avid lovers of music who wish to cultivate their talents. The studio accommodates the likes of students who have no background when it comes to playing instruments as well as individuals who are already in the intermediate level. The mission of Studio 72 revolves around transforming enthusiasts into confident musicians.  The instructors of this organisation have vase knowledgeability in their areas and promote a fun and friendly environment. Regardless of age, a customer is welcome to participate in the number of lessons Studio 72 offers including vocal lessons.

Each individual in Singapore has a voice which is unique to them. The vocal lessons of Studio 72 seeks to make an assessment on an enrolees voice to classify and tailor their classes towards it accordingly.  Furthermore, the vocal lessons will give students powerful knowledgeability on how to better bring out the best in themselves.

Customer Reviews

Chan Su Ying

Vocal coach Lily is an inspiration. Learnt so much from her as she constantly challenges me to try different genres and to get out of my comfort zone. Lessons here also ends my work day on a high note! Absolutely recommended!

Lyon Shun

Music school in the heart of CBD. One of a kind music school with really nice interiors and a!so a great place to have music lessons during lunch hours. Highly recommended!

Contact: +65  9322 7272
Location: 24B Circular Rd, Singapore 049380
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12.30AM-9PM | Sat 10AM-7PM | Sun 11AM-8PM

2. Voice Whisperer

Image Credit: Voice Whisperers

The Voice Whisperer seeks to eliminate all excuses pertaining to learning vocals. The organisation understands that a person’s voice when it comes to singing has been the centre of low-self esteem for many individuals. Focusing on one area only, the Voice Whisperer can be considered as the best vocal lessons provider in Singapore. The organisation started only with a handful of students but has continuously grown to attract several more enrolees since then.

Voice lessons offered by The Voice whisperer can cover a variety of different genres such as pop, rock, and or for theatrical purposes amongst several others. Due to the years of experience and passion the instructors of The Voice Whisperer have encompassed, they have been able to  refine their voice lesson methodologies in order to deliver the best for their students.

Customer Reviews


My singing coach is a very attentive and thorough teacher. He never overlooks the details, and is very familiar with the ins and outs of the human voice. Ultimately, he also values a personal connection with his students, gives them encouragement, and is always looking for new and creative ways to impart his teachings and to bring out the potential of his student.


When I was in school, I was placed in the soprano section of the choir because the choir needed sopranos. I never really found my voice until I started taking vocal lessons in 2013. Vocal lessons have taught me that there is beauty in a deeper register and I have learned to embrace, even love, my voice. Singing gives me joy that I don’t find anywhere else and I’m grateful to my vocal coach for his invaluable teaching.

Contact: +65 9712 5584
Location: 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, 04-61, Singapore 179803
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM | Sat 10AM-9PM | Closed on Sun

3. Play By Ear 

Image Credit: Play By Ear

For almost two decades, Play By Ear has been teaching enrolees in Singapore valuable lessons in vocal as well as popular musical instruments. Not only is the school an established centre for voice lessons in the Island of Singapore, but have been able to branch out to outlets in other countries as well such as in Japan and Malaysia. Play By Ear seeks to remove the fallacy of vocal lessons being only for the talented and break it into digestible bites which are able to cater to everyone.

While being considered as one of the best organisations in Singapore when it comes to voice lessons and other musical instruments, Play By Ear wants to develop socially responsible individuals as well. The establishment places an emphasis on being well mannered especially when dealing with other people.

Customer Reviews

Candice Wee

Enjoying my time at Play by Ear! Instructor is very patient, encouraging and able to break concepts down well. Much accomplishment conquering song after song!

Danny Lim

I always look forward to my lessons, and am particularly appreciative of Siti, my vocal instructor, who has helped me in my journey towards singing proficiency.

Contact: +65 6338 7939
Location: 245B Victoria St, Bugis Village, Singapore 188032
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11.30AM-9PM | Sat-Sun 11AM-5PM

4. In Tune Music

Image Credit: In Tune Music

Founded on the year 2007, In Tune Music was developed by two passionate individuals who have several years of music  experience as well as teaching experience under their belts. The organisation sought to further transform vocal lessons within the island of Singapore to become an excellent stepping stone for students to pursue their dreams of building careers within the music industry. In Tune Music aims to be the best provider of vocal lessons in Singapore.

In Tune Music can assist with vocal lessons within different genres. Qualified instructors are prepared to help students reach where they want to be and practice their favourite songs. Not only can the music school help fellow individuals in Singapore by providing vocal lessons, but can help develop other skills which have positive outlooks in pursuing a career as a vocalist such as song composition.

Customer Reviews

Lollipop Candy Goh

Instructors will check what is the students aiming to learn when they first attend the lesson. From there the instructors will teach accordingly but they will also impart whatever knowledge they have to the students whom are willing to learn more and have been revising on their own. I have only been with Intune Music School for only 6 months but I can see that the instructors are sincerely teaching the students regardless of age, races. I have learnt a lot from the vocal instructor and will be learning to play Uklele next with Intune also

Contact: +65 6336 0335
Location: 258 Middle Road, #01-01, Singapore 188987
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 1PM-10PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-7PM

5. Adeline Gan

Image Credit: Adeline Gan

Perhaps a name already familiar with many households in Singapore, Adeline Gan is a prestigious instructor who coaches individuals with vocal lessons. Renowned for her association in the field of gospel music within churches, she is a regular vocal performer in front of crowds which can reach in the tens of thousands. Furthermore, Adeline Gan has even portrayed characters in popular Christmas musical theatricals. Unsurprising to many, the star vocalist has a strong background of education when it comes to vocal lessons. Her previous mentors have been teachers to some of the biggest stars in the international music industry including the likes of Michael Jackson and more.

Promoting a healthy process of singing while bringing out the best is the focal point of Adeline Gan’s vocal lessons for students in Singapore. Due to a prior experience which had damaged her voice, vocal lessons taught by the prestigious instructor are also directed with the well-being of the student in mind.

Customer Reviews

Linda Sukarni

Adeline is a very skillful & professional vocal coach who teaches from her heart. She did not only point out our vocal issues but also give effective advices that we could implement & see results almost immediately. I never knew that I’ve been a light chest singer all my life and her advices have definitely helped me 1 step closer to find my vocal balance. Her affirmation & encouragement have also inspired me to step up in worship ministry. It’s really been a life changing experience for me which I never thought of when I first signed up just for leisure. I’ve gleaned so much from our 3-month Singing Foundation 1, 2 and 3 group class. It’s all worthwhile! =)

Chelsea Ruth

Teacher Adeline is really an encouraging and patient teacher. The foundation session was very enjoyable and beneficial for me. It had taught me valuable practical techniques that I could put into my singing immediately. Adeline is also very attentive and precise in her coaching. I benefited greatly from this mentor in worship leading and singing. I’ll highly recommend her program to anyone who aspire to become a better and effective singer. Thank you teacher Addy for being so passionate and skilful.

Contact: +65 6815 7235
Location: 208 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 460208
Opening Hours: Mon 4PM-8PM | Tues 10AM-7PM | Wed 10AM-9.30PM | Closed on Thurs | Fri-Sat 10AM-8PM | Closed on Sun

6. Joy Music Studio

Image Credit: Joy Music Studio

Being recognised as one of the top music schools in Singapore which teach a variety of lessons utilising popular instruments and vocals, Joy Music Studio can be considered one of the best. Not only has the establishment been recognised with this award but it has been accredited with the same recognition for the year before as well. Vocal lessons taught by the music school are suitable for individuals of varying ages including both kids and adults. Should there be any clients hesitant in taking the vocal lessons offered by Joy Music Studio, they may utilise the free trial session offered by the institution to help remove any doubts.

Vocal Lessons by Joy Music Studio help individuals explore the ranges of pitches in their voice. Pursuing to reach new heights as well as new lows in terms of vocal pitches. Regardless whether a student wants to improve their singing for karaoke sessions or pursue a career, Joy Music Studio’s instructors and vocal lessons will give the best they can to achieve an individual’s goals.

Customer Reviews

Dorothy Peck

My boys age 7 and 5 have been taking Drum lessons at Joy Music Studio for about a year and a half now. They really enjoy their lessons and have also picked up Guitar, Ukelele and Cajon from its school holidays programs. I like the fact that the studio give kids the opportunity to perform in public. 

Contact: +65 9230 2778
Location: 1 Marine Parade Central, #02-02 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 1PM-8.30PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-6.30PM


Not only is singing one of the important facets when generating quality music in Singapore, but unlike instruments which are required to be purchased, vocals are inherent within every person. Furthermore, singing is a much sought out skill and can be one of the very first things a person notices when it comes to creating music. Vocal lessons being an important tool in refining one’s voice. The best vocal lessons being able to expand one’s confidence and singing range.

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