5 Best Luxury Yacht Charter In Singapore To Relaxed Getaways

December 9, 2021
Best Luxury Yacht Charter Singapore

Pleasurable vacations in Singapore don’t have to require lining up in long queues or hassling oneself while travelling to particular destinations. For those who want to enjoy the beauty of the ocean while being relaxed and having fun, then availing of the services of a yacht chartering company can be the answer.

Chartering a luxury yacht in Singapore entails travelling the sea with hotel-like services onboard. The best luxury yacht chartering company in Singapore is able to provide customers with exquisite food, amenities, exemplary customer service, and other essential facets. Here are our top 5 picks for Singapore’s best luxury yacht charter.

1. Valencia Yachts

Image Credit: Valencia Yachts

Valencia Yachts is a reputed establishment that offers luxury yacht charter services in Singapore. The organisation is highly sought out by individuals who are looking for the best way to relax and have fun. The Singapore luxury yacht charter company offers clients the choice of booking either the Valencia package, which can host up to a little more than 30 people at one time or the Victoria package, which can cater to approximately 28 pax. Valencia Yachts is a luxury yacht charter company in Singapore that offers the vehicle and complete services onboard.

Valencia Yachts acts as an all-in-one service for leisure aboard a yacht as a luxury yacht charter company. The enterprise is able to service special events, including weddings, organisational gatherings, or island hopping, amongst a variety of other reasons. The crew are experienced professionals in their respective fields who ensure the safety and leisure of their customers.

Customer Reviews

Lim Jessica

Fantastic first yachting experience by setting the bars high. Our 2 & 3 years old had a great time during this period of strict regulations of covid outdoors to finally enjoy the nature. We had fun with the water sports, sunset dinner and cruising around^^ Staff are ever friendly and supportive! Start yachting now with Valencia:)

Dhanesh Jagwani 

Tremendously enjoyed our cruise onboard Valencia with my friends! It was an awesome birthday party which I will remember for a long time. Richard and Zul ensured everyone was well looked after and everyone went home smiling! Great job and thank you, once again

Contact: +65 9383 0098
Location:11 Cove Drive,  Sentosa Cove, #01-01, Singapore 098497
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-11PM

2. SG Boat Charter

Image Credit: SG Boat Charter

The ideals of what SG Boat Charter was founded upon as a luxury yacht charter company in Singapore fulfilled the dreams of clientele to sail around in the sea for a unique getaway. The yacht charter company believes that utilising these vessels is the ultimate source of leisure. Comparing it to other getaways such as cruises or simple trips, which end up being overcrowded and full of hassle.

The Singapore yacht charter company offers crew services that accommodate the transportation and leisure aspects of the trip. The team’s size depends on the yacht category the customer will be choosing. As of current, the luxury yacht charter company offers 4 different types of vessels. Each vessel has various price points and amenities that grant clients options to service their needs.

Customer Reviews

Adam Monaghan

I celebrated my 30th Birthday through SG Boat Charter and it was one of the best days I’ve had in Singapore. Sam was incredibly helpful and accommodating to all my requests on the lead up to the day of the trip and the staff onboard were fantastic and friendly. I can’t recommend them highly enough

Contact: +65 9176 9151
Location: 11 Cove Drive, ONE 15 Marina Club, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-8.30PM | Sat-Sun 9.30AM-1.30PM

3. Burgess

Image Credit: Burgess

The luxury yacht charter company started operations in the continent of Asia since the mid-2010s but has grown over the years. Burgess now holds five sites across strategic tourist destinations in Asia in the likes of popular cities such as Mumbai, Phuket, Tokyo, Singapore, and HK. Those under the employ of the luxury yacht charter company within this region can speak a variety of languages to cater to the needs of individuals and groups of different cultures.

Luxury is the selling point of yacht charter company Burgess Yachts. The premiere brand has a plethora of vessels to choose from. Furthermore, clients who decide to pursue this company’s luxury yacht charter services can select different experiences to embody on the boat. These can range from dining, leisure, and activity amongst various other choices.

Contact: +65 9665 8990
Location: 10 Collyer Quay, Singapore, Level 40 Ocean Financial Centre,  Singapore 04931

4. Advant

Image Credit: Advant

Advant Yacht is a luxury yacht charter company in Singapore that can traverse Singapore and nearby islands. On a day trip, the yacht company can service a little under 30 persons within the vessel and provide overnight accommodations for 6 persons if one were to avail the boat for more than a day. The organisation has a portfolio for being booked by reputed organisations who are interested in team building activities or exclusive social gatherings. A few of these establishments include Shell, Prudential, and CitiBank in addition to other well-known companies in Singapore.

The luxury yacht charter company in Singapore is able to service clients with unique packages dependent on the time of day. These peak hours are usually between the early morning, midday, and sunset hours. The yacht charter company may also be serviced for getaways and adventure.

Location: 1 Cove Drive, ONE°15 Marina, Sentosa Cove Singapore 098497

5. sgyacht

Image Credit: sgyacht

The mission of the Singapore luxury yacht charter company is to create lasting impressions on their clients who have subscribed to their services. Those who charter a yacht with SG Yachts will be able to utilise a custom built vessel which measure to around 60 feet. The yacht has been revamped in order to provide more social areas in addition to added features such as an upgraded sound system and lighting placed around the boat. The luxury yacht charter company offers cheaper rates on non-peak days – Mondays to Thursdays. The yacht which may be chartered is able to accommodate a total of 8 people and is priced at a base period of 4 hours. Customers may choose to go above the limit but must pay an additional cost on a per hour basis.

Customer Reviews

Ken Lim

Friendly and helpful crew who helped me locate my hand phone when I dropped into water. I cannot imagine what I am going to do if I lost all my data in my hand phone. Thanks VJ.

Lim Chee Tat

Friendly crew and nice ride. Will come again

Contact: +65 6282 1225
Location: 8 Burn Road, #12-05, Singapore 369977
Opening Hours:Mon-Sun 8AM-12AM


Availing the services of a luxury yacht chartering company can be used for a variety of reasons. This may be for organisational team buildings, weddings, or simply plain getaways. It can service different groups of people as well such as adults or those with families. A luxury yacht chartering company can service the needs of different age groups providing a pleasurable experience for all. While many may assume chartering a yacht from a Singapore company may be quite expensive, the experience is an unforgettable one.

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